Cure snoring effectively with essential oils


Research says that almost everyone snores on some occasions but many people suffer from chronic snoring, which is quite loud, and disturbing. There may be several causes like nasal issues, sleep deprivation, alcohol consumption, obstructive sleep apnea, etc., which can possibly lead to chronic snoring.

There are several anti-snoring medicines available in the market but you can easily cure snoring with the essential oils:


Lemon essential oil:

This oil is a natural antidepressant and with regular use, it improves the quality of sleep. Apart from this, it contains natural elements, which are helpful in treating throat infections. It also contains antispasmodic properties that can cure snoring and certain symptoms of asthma. Having lemon oil-infused tea (2-3drops) daily benefits a lot to curb snoring.

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Marjoram essential oil:

It is traditionally used for decades to treat snoring. The antioxidants in marjoram oil calm the irritation in tissues that lead to snoring. It also helps to cure sleep apnea, which is a common cause of snoring. Using it as a diffuser will aid in opening your nasal airways.

Eucalyptus essential oil:

The oil is very essential for curing diseases related to the respiratory system. It helps in opening the blocked nasals and hence is effective for curing a cold. Due to all these properties, it is quite effective in reducing snoring and even sinus infections. Put 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil in hot water, cover your head with a towel, use it as a shed, and inhale the steam for 5-8 minutes for best results.

Thyme essential oil:

This essential oil contains thymol, which is said to be a helpful agent in curing snoring issues. Thyme oil also soothes the nervous system, which helps you to get undisturbed and sound sleep throughout the night. You can use thyme oil as a diffuser at night or just rub a few drops of oil on your feet before sleeping.

Sage oil:

Sage oil is made with an herb known as `Salvia officinalis` which is used to make medicines which aid in curing sinus. It is effective in relieving congestion and reducing snoring, which is especially caused due to the sinus. Mix sage oil with coconut oil in ratio 5:1 and apply it on your chest and neck every night.

Cedarwood oil:

Cedarwood oil contains cedrol, which is majorly used in aromatherapy for people who suffer from sleep deprivation. It helps in reducing respiratory irritations, calms the nervous systems that help to get deep sleep. If you do not wish to use it as a diffuser just pour a few drops on the towel and use it as aromatherapy.

Lavender oil:

Lavender oil is commonly used oil as a sleep remedy. This oil decreases restlessness and calms the nervous system due to which one can get sound sleep. You can also inhale lavender oil with a diffuser to perform aromatherapy. For quick results, apply it on your chest and feet before going to bed or pour a few drops on your pillow for a stress-free sleep.

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Peppermint oil:

Peppermint oil has several antibacterial properties, which help to cure snoring, and hence it is used in many nasal sprays. It opens the airways and treats various allergies, which cause irritation in the respiratory system. Use peppermint oil as a nasal inhaler for the best results.

Pine oil:

It is proven that pine oil helps in increasing sleep durations. This is due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties, which keeps the airways open while the person is asleep by reducing spasms and by inducing a feeling of relaxation. All these components are very effective to curb snoring. Use pine oil as a diffuser in your bedroom at night.

Fennel oil:

The anti-inflammatory properties of fennel oil are helpful in reducing the inflammations in the throat. It is also very effective in improving airflow in nasal passages thus reducing snoring effects. Inhale fennel oil-infused steam regularly to cure snoring.

Clove oil:

When you lie down a substance called phlegm moves to the back of your throat, which is responsible for snoring. Clove oil helps in breaking down the phlegm in your chest thus curbing snoring. Put 2-3 drops of clove oil in hot water and gargle with it before sleeping or just have clove oil-infused the tea for better effects. You can also have a clove oil-infused hot water bath for quick results.

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