How to Sleep Better During Pregnancy


Sleep Problem During Pregnancy

Some of the symptoms of pregnancy caused by hormonal changes and other factors can lead to some sleep disturbance or reduction in quality of sleep. However, despite the fact that some of the causes of sleep disturbance during pregnancy are beyond your control, there are certain sleeping tips that you should apply to sleep better during pregnancy. Below are some of the pregnancy sound sleeping tips that you should apply.

Sleeping During Pregnancy

Supporting your back and tummy with an extra pillow

You can enhance the quality of your sleep by putting a pillow between your legs. This will not only make sleeping by the side easier, but it will also provide support to the lower back. If you are suffering from indigestion also known as acid reflux, you should try to raise your torso with a wedge pillow. By sleeping with a wedge pillow which raises your torso up, you will bring the gravitational force against the movement of the stomach acid up to the esophagus.

Going on the right diet

There are some foods that induce sound sleep. You should meet with a dietician to recommend such foods for you. Your diet plan should include foods rich in carbohydrates such as crackers and bread. You should also consume protein giving foods. They will do you a lot of good and help you to have sound sleep. This is because protein foods prevent hot flashes, bad dreams, headaches, and also help you to keep your blood sugar levels in balance.

Drink a lot of water

You should drink enough fluid in order to avoid dehydration. However, it is recommended that you drink more water during the morning hour. Don’t drink much water in the evening. As you know, pregnancy is associated with frequent urination which leads to more bathroom breaks during the nighttime. This implies that you have frequent sleep interruption which is not good for a sound sleep. So, if you drink more water during the evening time, it will make you urinate more frequently during the night.

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Stop smoking and alcohol consumption

The nicotine contained in cigarette and alcoholic beverages are not good for your baby. But they can also cause impaired sleep. Though alcohol can quickly induce sleep it is a diuretic and so it will disrupt your sleep. Nicotine will keep you awake because it is a stimulant. You should also avoid or reduce your consumption of any other diuretic drinks or drinks that contain caffeine.

Do not overeat

Avoid eating too much or consuming spicy or acidic foods for dinner. The idea is to eat a small portion frequently. You should also eat at least one hour before going to bed.

Do exercise one of the sound sleeping tips

Regular exercise will do you some good and help you to have sound sleep.

Have a good sleeping environment

Your mattress and bed should be good and comfortable. Make sure that you dress your bed properly and that your bedroom temperature is normal so that you will have comfortable sleep.

Have a good sleeping schedule

Practice sleeping and waking up at a particular time.