Your feet carry your body weight all day long. They make you reach your destination and bear the brunt of changing season like you. But it is hardly realized that foot skincare is equally essential.

You take all the measures to maintain your beauty. But it is necessary to understand that skincare is incomplete without foot skincare. Moreover, it takes only a few minutes from the daily routine to maintain those tired and dull-looking feet. And how it can be done…well, we are here for your help.

Foot skin

These are some very simple steps to beautiful feet:

1. After the bath, remember to wash your feet and apply soap. This will remove all the dirt and make them look clean.

2. For removing that dead skin under the heels, use a pumice stone after every shower. And wipe the feet including the space between the toes. Now apply any moisturizer so that the skin remains soft.

3. It is a must to keep the feet dry in order to avoid any kind of infection.

4. Once in a while, one can massage the feet with oil or cream so that the skin remains supple and hydrated.

5. Keep the toenails trimmed in order to avoid dirt inside them.

6. Always wear good quality of sandals or shoes of your size so that feet can feel comfortable.

7. Avoid walking barefoot.

8. Make a mixture of glycerin and lemon and apply at night on your feet to get rid of dry, cracked skin.

9. Prefer cotton socks over nylon so that the feet can breathe.

10. Before retiring to bed, wash and wipe your feet and apply a good foot cream that will repair your feet throughout the night.

11. Maintain good hygiene and healthy eating habits.

The feet also bear the impact of changing temperatures and seasons. Once in awhile pamper your feet with a good pedicure at home. Dip your feet in warm water and add some drops of essential oils. After 10 minutes, gently rub and scrub your feet. Now wipe and give a liberal massage to the feet this process will not only help in beautifying your feet but will also de-stresses them.

Many people face the problem of cracked heels, fungal infection, and smelly feet, and so on. Most of these problems will not arise or can be checked if the above simple steps for foot care are followed regularly.

Foot Odor

Foot odor is normally viewed as a relatively minor problem and many healthcare professionals often brush it off. But in actual it is an indication that a person’s natural bacterial balance has changed on the surface of their skin.

There are following basic causing of the foot odor:

Your feet sweat.

The bacteria defecate on your skin, in your socks, and in your shoes.

The feces of the bacteria emit putrid-smelling chemicals, thus resulting in foot odor.