So you are planning to wear that backless dress at the evening party. Wait a minute. Is your back as beautiful and soft as your face? Does your back has tanned and acne-prone skin? Well, then you should better drop that backless dress and opt for something more conventional.

Your back should prove to be your beauty asset and a head-turner. If it is not so, then take a look at the following measures to get a beautiful back.

Tips to get a beautiful back

1. Pick a good body wash or a good cleanser. Gently rub on your back to clean it. You will need a softback brush so that your whole could be cleaned.
2. Once in a week scrub your back to extract impurities and dead cells out of the skin.
3. A good bath not only refreshes your bath but it also helps in washing away sweat.
4. Use a good washcloth to wipe the back.
5. After the bath, remember to moisturize your back to avoid dryness and itching.
6. Always apply sunscreen on the exposed portion of your back. It will help in avoiding sun tanning.

7. Pamper your back with a good massage. Use olive oil or any other body oil for deep massage. It will nourish the skin as well as relieve the stressed muscles of your back. The result will be a glowing back.
8. Apply some pack on your back to improve the skin of your back. Lemon drops will lighten the tanned skin.
9. If you have acne breakouts on your back then do not scratch or pinch. Use some over the counter products to heal the area. In case of severe acne consult your doctor and get proper treatment now.
10. Prefer loose fitted and comfortable clothing so that your skin can breathe.

Like other body parts, your back also needs your attention on a daily basis. The skin of the back should not look dry, dull, acne-prone, tanned, or wrinkled.
Another important thing on the back is your posture. Always maintain straight and erect posture while standing, walking, or sitting. Your posture should be correct while sleeping also. Exercise is the right way to make your back look young and attractive.