Nothing can make a woman happier than a perfectly applied winged eyeliner, of course in the first attempt! Many women admire the idea of winged eyeliner but cannot master the craft. This is because a majority of you are either doing it wrong or were not aware of the below techniques:

Winged eyeliner enhances your eye beauty!

How to get perfectly winged eyeliner on the first attempt?

Before you start the process of application remember that in order to achieve perfection use an eyeliner you are most comfortable with. It can be gel eyeliner, eyeliner pencil, liquid eyeliner, or any other.


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The spoon technique 

  1. Take a steel spoon and place it above your eyelashes.
  2. Adjust the spoon and tilt it slightly towards the inner corner from the outer part of your upper eyelashes.
  3. Adjust the spoon as per the desired angle and make the outline of the wing with your eyeliner.
  4. Now remove the spoon, fill in the outlines and make a thin line runny towards the inner corners of your eye line and you are done!


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The swipe card technique

  1. Take any of your debit/credit cards, place its edge on the corner of your eyes, and draw the wing.
  2. Now remove the card and neatly extend the wing on your upper eyelashes.


The card paper technique 

  1. Take a card paper or visiting card and roughly draw lines of the same size as your eyes and then draw the desired wing shape.
  2. Cut the winged pattern drawn on the card paper and place it on your eyes.
  3. Adjust the angle and use the cut-out as a stencil and fill in the eyeliner.



The masking tape technique 

  1. Take 2cm masking tape and stick it in the outer edge of your eyes so as to match the angle you want.
  2. Now using the tape as guidance draw the outline of the wing and then move towards the upper lashes to complete the look.


The angled brush technique 

  1. Take an angled brush you have and dip it in an eyeliner bottle.
  2. Now place the brush on the outer edge to get the outline angle of your wing.
  3. Take the same brush and place it over the outline and make an upper curve for your wing.
  4. Now fill the gaps between the outlines and border the remaining inner corners.


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Tips for getting a clean and professional winged eyeliner 

  1. Apply concealer on and around the outer edges of your eyes. This will give a more clean look.
  2. Always sketch the outline first.
  3. If you are using a liquid eyeliner, first use an eye pen to draw the wing and then fill the gaps with liquid eyeliner.
  4. Always keep both your eyes open while applying eyeliner because closing one eye may not give you the right idea of the angle.
  5. Always keep pointed cotton swabs handy so that you can grab them any time and use them to correct the edges.
  6. While using gel eyeliner see to it that you do not use much of it as excess eyeliner may gather in the crease and give an uneven look.


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