Liquid eyeliners have been in vogue for decades now. These are adored by makeup fanatics for their precision and portability. However, these amazing eye-winging tools tend to dry out fast really fast! The good news is that you can adopt some really affect do-it-yourself tips to ensure a quick fix and the same some bucks! Here are some easy yet very effective tips to revive eyeliner:


1. Shake It Well!

In most cases, you simply need to mix things up to fix the problem! So, give your eyeliner a few shakes prior to applying. This will help the liner go smoothly.


Has your eyeliner got dried?

2. Run the Tip Around

Yes, simply run the tip of the eyeliner on the back of your hand. A brush-tipped liner can be run vigorously. On the other hand, the felt-tipped ones should be run over a paper towel. Make sure the paper towel is properly dampened with warm water.

3. Use Unscented Body Moisturizer

You can revive eyeliner by adding a drop or two of an unscented body moisturizer into the container. Now mix it using the eyeliner brush. This step will increase the lifespan of your eyeliner.

4 Hot Water

Eyeliner tends to get gloopy inside a pen which may interrupt a smooth flow. This is due to the wrong way of storing. So, the best way to revive the product is to give it a dip in a hot tub. You simply need to allow your eyeliner pen to sit in a cup of hot water for a few minutes. Now, remove the liner from water. You must also give the bottle a few good shakes. This will revive the eyeliner.

5. Eye Drops

This works when the eyeliner sits inside a small pot (gel). Using a few eye drops will fix the dryness. Thereafter, mix with a toothpick until you get an even consistency throughout.

6. Use Glycerin to revive eyeliner

Just mix in a few drops of glycerin into the eyeliner container. This is very helpful in prolonging the life of your liner. It is also helpful in preventing eyeliner from drying out again quickly. The trick will add plumpness to the texture making it easier to apply.


Following the above listed DIY tips will help you to save your eyeliner. You can use the tip that is easier for you.  This way, you can save the life of your favorite makeup product.

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