Eye make up

Eye makeup is an art. It has the power to make or break your look. It changes your appearance instantly. You just need to master the art of eye makeup by practicing. This also requires an understanding of choosing the right shades. Here are easy steps for eye makeup if you are a beginner:

Effective and Easy Steps for Eye Makeup

Step 1: Get an Eye Primer

This is important to make your eye makeup stay longer and helps with a smoother glide of colors. Apply a little amount of eye primer. Allow it to dry and use an eye shadow base. You may also use a foundation or concealer.

Eye make up

Step 2: Choice of Shades

As a beginner, you should use basic shades. The bolder ones and glitters can be used once you gain ample experience. Shades that can be used for the daily look are the best bet. Buy a highlighter in a shade lighter than your skin tone and a mid-tone shade to add color. The third should be contouring shade (darker than your skin tone). Matte shades are the best.

Eye liner sdades

Step 3: Choice of Brushes

It is important to use special eye makeup brushes. Professionals usually use fingers for eye shadow application. However, this is not recommended if you are at a beginner level. Invest in a good quality small eye shadow brush. It is a flat brush that makes application easier and precise. Eye makeup also requires a small and medium-sized blending brush which helps blend smoothly and helps you get a perfect smokey effect.

Choice of Brushes

Step 4: Apply Eye Shadow

Starting with the lightest shade, glide the eye shadow brush on your eyelids starting from the inner corner of your eyes and stretching it outwards. The inner corner of your eyelids is always the starting point to apply your eye makeup.

Apply Eye Shadow

Step 5: Blend

It is time to use a blending brush (angled or feathered) on mid-tone (any shade from neutral that matches your outfit) shade. The safest shades to use include pink, peach, or lighter tones of orange. Now apply it over the crease line. Start from outward and glide inwards. Make this seamless.

Eye Blend

Step 6: Eyes Contour

This is a good way to add some depth and definition to the eyes. A well-contoured eye plays a vital role in balancing out features. Start contouring by using the darkest shade in your palette. Start from the outer corner of your eyelids and slowly glide towards the crease. The contour shade should be lower than the mid-tone shade.

Eyes Contour

Step 7: Add Color to Bottom Lash Line

Do not ignore the power of adding some color to the lower lash line. You just need a tiny amount of shade on the brush. Start from the outer area and glide the brush inward to meet the highlighting shade. Add a hint of black kajal to the lower lash waterline.

Add Color to Bottom Lash Line

Step 8: Touch up!

Final touches are important. Make use of eyeliner to add more definition and shape to your eyes. The last step is to use good quality mascara. This will add some drama to your lashes. Fake eyelashes are also a good idea if you want to create an extra dramatic look.

Touch up!

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