Binge eating is a type of disorder that people don’t realize until it starts controlling their lives. Those people are Binge eaters if they are unable to stop eating and end up eating more than their stomachs need. A Binge eater chooses to eat and save some food to eat after dinner during the night. Are you a binge eater yourself but want to get rid of Binge eating?  Learn here more about it.

Binging is bad for health

Get rid of Binge eating as soon as you can

Impact of binge eating on body

This problem can lead to several critical health problems including gaining body weight.

Weight gain:

Weight gain is the natural response of binge eating. Most of the people who binge eat are overweight. Apparently, a binge eater collects more calories than able to burn them all.


Eating unhealthy food causes health problems.

Junk eating is an invitation to health hazards.

More health problem:

There are other health problems reported that happen due to binge eating. That includes Heart disease, High blood pressure, Type-2 Diabetes, cancer, Arthritis, and Sleep apnea. Here are tips if you want to get rid of binge eating.

Tips to get rid of binge eating:

Notice what instigates your binge eating:

Identify what emotional aspect increases craving, is it for low feeling, a bad day at the office, stress, or just about any other routine issue.

Hormonal disbalance:

There are few hormones like insulin, peptide YY, ghrelin, leptin that provide direction ‘to eat or not to eat’. Schedule the eating hours, as an irregular lifestyle and eating habits, could lead to hormonal imbalance.

Eat healthy breakfast for good health

Plan your meals for the day:

Good health relates to a good eating schedule, start with a healthy and filling breakfast, then have a light meal at lunch, and a healthy but filling dinner at night.

Drink Water:

Drink at least 3 liters of water per day between three meals. You can add cucumber and mint leaves to enhance the water’s taste.


Never starve:

A filling breakfast will keep you off from binge eating for many hours. Do not starve, if craving enhances, you can try a nutritious snack in between.

Add food instead of restriction:

By putting a restriction on your binge eating, you help the craving to increase instead. Avoid junk food and choose some healthier alternatives between the meals.


Breakfast is your first and the most important meal of the day. Your breakfast should be nutritious and wholesome. This will discourage excessive eating, until the time for the next regular meal.


Add Protein:

Add protein to every meal in the shape of a chicken breast, fish, ground turkey, mushroom, lentils, beans, soy chunks, tofu, or eggs. You will have a gratified filling feeling, as protein is harder to digest.

Add Fiber:

Include more dietary fiber in your meals, it will also provide you with a feeling of saturation. As fiber prolongs digestion, keeping binge eating away.

Meditation and Yoga:

Binge eaters often eat late at the night owing to emotional eating. If stressed and worrisome, try meditating and yoga, it will give you better control over yourself.

Concentrate on your Meal:

When having your dinner, avoid watching TV, also avoid using your laptop and cell phone. Just enjoy dinner by concentrating on the amount of food you are eating.

Keep limited food at home:

Avoid keeping junk food that you love to binge eat during the night. This will control your temptation to eat food anytime.

Learn to forgive yourself:

Do not carry a load of bad memories and emotions in your mind. You tend to binge eat when laden with emotions. Forgive yourself because the past is irretrievable, and the future has immense possibilities.


Exercising at home or Gym is fun and keeps your bothersome emotions at bay. Just relax, enjoy life, and take part in the fun activities, soon your habit will subside.

Consult nutritionist:

Binge eating is controllable with the right meal plan. Consult a nutritionist, to have a healthy meal plan, beginning from morning tea to the dinner time.

Brushing your teeth:

Yes! Brushing after dinner gives you a signal that eating is over for the day. The taste of toothpaste sets a reminder to keep off from unrequired eating at night.

A Big no to dieting:

Your meal plan should be about what to eat only, not what you should not eat at all. A strict diet plan makes your disorder worse because when you stop following the diet plan, binge eating resumes.

It’s time to make peace with the food if you want to get rid of binge eating habits. Follow the above provided useful tips to overcome this issue.

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