At workplace time management, hard work, creativity, and productivity are some of the keys to a successful career. However, it is always not possible to be highly productive in the workplace. Every employee either at the executive or expert level has gone through low productivity at least once in his or her career. If you are currently struggling through the same, these ten hacks will surely boost your productivity!

Handle low productivity with ten ways

Low productivity at work needs prompt attention

Discover the top 10 ways to tackle low productivity at the workplace

Make your to-do list: Write down your “to-do” tasks based on their priority and deadline. Keep ticking all the completed tasks until you reach the last one. This will not only give you an idea about your completed tasks but will also help you to know your most productive hours of the day. Make sure you execute the important tasks during your most productive hours of the day.

Switch to smart snacks:



Almond is the perfect brain food

Just like you, your brain needs enough good fats to function at its best! Overeating during work hours may make you lazy and hamper your productivity. Include chia seeds and almonds in your snacks to boost your brain health. Also switching to green tea will help in the long run.

Plan your tomorrow today:

Every morning hustles can really strain your brain and hamper your creativity. Complete minor tasks like the selection of your office clothes, lunch, etc., one day prior. This will reduce the burden of morning tasks and you will reach the office with a fresh mind, which will make you more productive.

Stop depending on co-workers:

Constantly asking for help from co-workers is an alarming sign of low productivity. Learn to complete your work by yourself in the allotted time span. Practice time management and be a role model for your team members.

Make smart use of technology:


Smart technology at your service.

Use hi-tech gadgets to beat low productivity at the workplace.

Today, due to advanced technology, you need not be physically present at a place for a meeting. Try to have video conferences whenever possible to save time and energy. Set reminders on your phone or computer for various tasks. Also, make use of digital platforms for all banking and finance-related transactions. All this will save your productive hours.

Learn to forgive yourself:


Practice meditation

Meditation is important for mental well being.

We often overlook self-forgiveness but it is very important in every aspect of life. Understand that you cannot be the best always. Self-hate will gradually lower your self-confidence and can worsen your productivity. Practice yoga and meditation to overcome low productivity caused by unwillingness to forgive yourself.

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Surround yourself with a pleasant environment:

Researches show that a pleasant work environment can bring down stress levels and increase productivity. Decorate your desk with your favorite scented candles or succulents. You can also add some cutouts of inspiring quotes in your cabin or workstation. Hanging paintings with pleasant colors around your cubical is also a great idea.

Fix your own deadlines and stick to it:

You may have several deadlines at your workplace for completion of a certain project but setting your own deadline is different. See to it that you complete all your task within a specific time slot. Initially, you may fail to do so but will definitely succeed with daily practice. This will improve your productivity and work speed over time.

Take criticisms positively and ask for feedback:


Elevate productivity.

Take criticism with an open mind to improve productivity.

Not all critics are bad! Criticism helps you to grow in ways you never thought of! If you lack a particular skill or quality, learn it, or develop it. Ask your boss or co-workers for feedbacks, celebrate the positive ones, and work upon the negative ones.

Practice to say “No”:

while working you are often interrupted by a colleague for some work-related help or for a coffee break. In this situation, learn to say no as this may spoil your work routine and hamper your productivity. Also, try to avoid personal calls during work hours until it is an emergency.

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