You need to pay extra attention to your hair with the change of season. Rainy season brings a humid atmosphere but extra humidity can be disastrous to your hairs. During monsoon, season hair attracts more dust, grime, and other pollutants that may stick to chemicals used in the products, applied for hair treatment, may contribute to tangling and knotting of hair. Excess humidity decreases the shine of hairs and weakens hair follicles that may lead to an increase in the breaking of hairs. Hair absorbs the moisture contents from the atmosphere that nullify the effect of any chemical treatment or product used on the hair. To protect the hairs from monsoon related problems and keep your hair problem to a minimum you should follow hair care tips for rainy given here.


Limit the washing of hairs 2-3 times a week as everyday washing of hair in the rainy season may exaggerate the problem. Conditioning of hair is also very important. Use natural hair conditioner instead of using chemical-based products for conditioning of hair. Avocados are excellent hair conditioner. Apply mesh avocado into your hair and scalp, leave it for about half an hour and rinse out. Thereafter you can wash your hair with your regular shampoo; you will feel the positive difference in your hair.


Keep your hair dry

Try to keep your hair dry as long as possible as during monsoon you lose more hairs in comparison with other seasons. Dry hair helps to prevent many hair related issues like dandruff and excessive hair loss. Pat your hair dry and do not use a blow dryer to dry your hair. Avoid combing and tying wet hair. To comb the hair using a wide toothbrush and avoid using a comb as combing hair with a comb in the rainy season may result in split end and breakage.

Protect your hair from moisture

During monsoon season due to the high level of humidity excessive moisture contents affect your hair even if you remain indoors. Curly, fine, and wavy hair tends to absorb moisture from the atmosphere. Moisture in hair may lead to fizzy strands in case of wavy or curly hairs and falling of fine or thin hair. To save your hair from these problems use humidity protective gel before styling as these gel will help in preventing moisture to get into hair. Cut your hair short because managing of long, unruly hair in monsoon becomes harder

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Conditioning of hairs

Due to the high level of humidity in the hair in rainy season hair become coarse and dry that may make your hair frizzy. Regular conditioning of hair may help you to get rid of this problem. It is also very important to take proper protein-rich diet, plenty of vegetables, and fruits. Massaging of hair once in a week can be of much help.

Hair Care in Rainy Season

Avoid hair treatment and new products

Avoid chemical treatment and permanent straightening of hairs or force your hair into style. For example, it does not force curly hair to straighten or fine hair to make them curl as in this season moisture absorbed by your hair will make it revert back to its natural texture but in the process, you may lose extra strands and your efforts will be in vain. Experimenting with new products may cause damage to hair so avoid it. Using cream-based or similar products to deal with fizzy hair may also make your hair look greasy or sticky due absorbing of moisture contents by your hairs. It is better to use alcohol-based gel or creams to get the benefit of the drying effect of these products on hair.

Above mentioned hair care tips for rainy season will protect your hairs from all monsoon related problems.

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