The feline eye is one of the most popular makeup looks among celebrities and runways models like Kate Moss. Even non-celebrities fashion enthusiasts prefer this look because it adds intensity and instant eye lift effect. Indeed, a perfect eye make-up really draws attention especially if you wear a dramatic cat-eye look. It is ever fashionable and flattering on any eye shape because it allows you to achieve a mysterious, sultry look although the rest of your makeup is not too elaborate.

perfect eye look

However, creating a perfect cat eye look needs a lot of practice. For beginners, a steady hand is required to effectively glide the pencil and eyeliner to the eyes. So for fashion enthusiasts, who are eager to learn how to achieve this perfect eye makeup, check out the steps below.

What do you need? 

-Any gel/liquid eyeliner or color pencil
-Q-tips or pointed cotton swab

What to do:

1. To create a perfect sultry cat-eye look, you start by drawing a line at the middle of your upper lid. If possible, draw it closer to the lashes. The line will determine the thickness of your eyeliner. Now, create a more dramatic look by making the line thicker, however, if you prefer to be subtle, keep the line thin. Perfecting a straight line needs a little practice, thus you may start by drawing many short strokes or a single stroke line.

2. Next, draw a fine line from the inner corner of your eye. Move it towards the line you previously drew.

3. The challenge of this classy yet fresh look is to create symmetrical wings. Thus, to get the eyeliner wing, start by drawing a line from your last lash outwards. You have the option as to the angle and length of your eyeliner. Indeed, to make sure you created a perfect line, use the q-tip to erase or remove harsh marks in order to make the wings symmetrical to each other.

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4. After making the wing, create an empty triangle on the upper lid by drawing a line at the upper lash line. If you prefer thicker eyeliner, make a bigger triangle and end it at the center portion of your lash line. On the other hand, if you opt to achieve a subtle look, a small triangle that ends in the outer corner is enough.

5. At this point, your eyes are now ready for some color. Apply the color of your pencil inside the triangle you just drew.

6. Repeat 1-5 steps on the other eye.

7. Finally, polish your sultry, dramatic look with a flourish of thickening dark mascara. Moreover, to highlight your cat-eye look, it is recommended to apply dark blush on your cheekbone.

There you have it the simplest and easiest steps on how to create a perfect eye makeup. For beginners, perfecting this makeup look takes time. So, do it slowly and patiently to achieve that sultry eyes you’ve been fancying to try. Likewise, you have to remember that you can apply any eyeliner to the waterline, but not a liquid liner which may cause terrible eye irritation once it enters inside your eyes. It may further affect the glands of your eyes by causing a style or pink eye.

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