Ways to Keep Your Heart healthy during Summer Heat

The temperatures have started to rise outside and if you spend a lot of time outside your house, you should not only be concerned about the tan lines and the sunburns, you should be extremely cautious about your heart as well. The steamy weather can prove to be very dangerous for the adults, especially the ones who have been suffering from heart diseases and are under medications for serious health conditions like blood pressure, depression, and much more. Healthy people may also possess risk if they are not taking precautions. Therefore, you should be aware of the ways to keep your heart healthy during summer heat.

Heart Diseases in Summer

On days that are hot and sticky, the heart needs to pump faster than usual in order to initiate the sweating stimuli, which will cool the system. For the people who have heart diseases, this pumping can exert pressure on their cardiovascular system. The worst outcomes normally happen during the heat waves. Heat exhaustion might also occur when the body is not able to cool itself. This causes fatigue, headache, nausea, confusion, dizziness and muscle twitching. If these conditions start progressing, they can lead to heat strokes. During the heat exhaustion, the pressure of the blood also drops, which can be dangerous.

Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy in Summer season

1. Drink lots of water. Add slices of cucumber or pinch of mint in water refrigerate and drink the homemade, cooling beverage. Avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine in the summer season. Keep a check on your urine. If it is yellowish in color, there are chances that your body is dehydrated.


2. It is necessary to dress in accordance with the heat outside. Wearing clothes of lightweight, light colors and breathable fabrics are perfect for beating the heat of the sun.

3. Exercise early during summers, and bring a friend to your workout sessions for safety. You should also exercise indoors on stationary bikes and treadmills. Try staying indoors from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. as the heat is maximum during this period.

Muscle relaxation exercise

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4. Avoid junk food during the summers as you may face problems of indigestion. Eat a variety of the summer fruits and vegetables that are available in the market. Include lots of berries in your plate and experiment with different seasonal fruits as snacks.

healthy food

5. Going for vacations are also very important. The stress of your daily life will eventually make your heart tired. Drive to the countryside with your family to refresh your body, heart and mind.

Stress effects on men

6. Eat fishes like tuna, herring or salmon, as they are capable of reducing the risks of chronic heart diseases by almost thirty-six percent. These fishes are rich in fatty acids and Omega 3.

7. One of the ways to keep your heart healthy during summer heat is to socialize with like-minded people over a cup of tea or stroll with neighbors. Meeting and chatting with people definitely reduce the stress from summer heat

8. Most importantly, you should get enough sleep to keep your heart healthy. Studies have revealed that sleeping less can cause inflammation and other health hazards.

sleeping habits

You should keep the heart happy at all times so that your body can function normally. Summers can be dangerous, and, you should not neglect yourself.