The application of lipstick is a no brainer. Almost all women know how to apply one. However, the main struggle is to stop it from rebelliously running past the lip line sometime after application. Why is it tough to ensure the lip color stays in place? Can you really prevent lipstick bleeding?

Lipsticks demand maintenance to sit tight. Despite your efforts to apply an even, perfect coat of lipstick, you must take some time and use tricks to prevent it from bleeding or smudging. This is not really tough. All you need to do is spare some time and invest in a few products that will help you get the best makeup.

Steps to Prevent Lipstick Bleeding

Listed below are some pro tips to help you save yourself from embarrassing marks of lipstick bleeding marks or smudges:

Lipstick bleeding

Step 1: Use a Lip Liner

Using an invisible lip liner will help you to create a smooth, moisturizing base. You should use one offering a clear, creamy finish. This is important to fill lips in without any difficulty and possibility for bleeding.

Glo Skin Beauty Precision Lip Pencil

Step 2: Apply Concealer

After prepping your lips with an invisible lip liner, it is time to tap on a concealer. You can use any concealer of your choice. The idea is to create an evenly colored canvas to help the color stay in place.

Mineral Concealer – All Over

Step 3: Apply Lip Color

Apply lip color (glossy or matte as per your choice) evenly on lips. You can use the number of coats to get the desired color and look. These days, you get a huge variety of lip colors that are smudge-free. You can pick some of these for better results.

Step 4: Blot Carefully to Prevent Lipstick Bleeding

Use finishing powder to keep your lipstick from budging. Place a tissue over the mouth. Hold in place and tap the translucent powder on top. This helps set and press in the lip color to offer a lasting finish. Your pout will keep the color intact and prevent lipstick bleeding.

Try the above listed four lipstick steps and tips to save yourself from embarrassing color smudges and bleeding lip marks.

In a Nutshell

If you are worried about lipstick bleeding, follow the above-listed steps to ensure the lip color stays in place for hours together. So next time you do makeup, focus on preparing your lips and apply the products necessary for stopping the lipstick from bleeding.



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