Natural foods to get cleaner lungs


Lungs being an important organ in the human body are essential for overall well-being and keeping it clean and healthy is thus of extreme importance. Given the amount of pollution, dust, toxins present in the air all around us, the good news is that you can still keep the lungs clean just by following a good diet.

Some of the natural foods to get cleaner lungs are discussed below.

1. Carotenoids: 


Fruits and vegetables which have the characteristic orange or yellowish shades like carrots, apricots, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash are all known to be rich in carotenoids. Carotenoids are actually an antioxidant pigment that gives the color to these fruits and veggies and is known to be great for the well being of the lungs. Consumption of carotenoid-rich foods helps decrease the risk of lung cancers, asthma, and many other related woes.

2. Garlic:


 If garlic incorporated in the daily diet can actually be greatly beneficial to lung health. Garlic due to its being rich in anti-inflammatory properties helps fight infections and swelling caused when the woes of asthma and lung cancers crop up.

3. Turmeric


Food consumed when cooked with the spice turmeric in it gives the lungs a perfect boost as turmeric as a spice is great as an anti-inflammatory agent. Turmeric helps in reducing and warding off any inflammatory concerns which might lead to lung-related medical conditions.

4. Ginger:


This is another wonder herb as ginger due to its anti-inflammatory properties is known to keep the lungs cleaner. Have ginger into your daily diet in the ginger tea or in daily food preparations, is going to help greatly.

5. Omega-3 fatty acids:

It is known that omega-3 fatty acids are considered to be great for keeping the body healthy but what remains unnoticed is the fact that it is equally great for the lungs too. Found in food such as nuts, fish, and flax seeds, consumption of the same has been seen to increase the functioning and capacity of the lungs.

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6. Pomegranates:


Rich with the goodness of antioxidants and anthocyanins, pomegranates are known to be beneficial in warding off lung issues to a great extent.

7. Pineapples:


Greatly so, pineapples are loaded with an enzyme which has a defamatory effect on the sinus known as bromelain and thus is known to treat a lung woe called pulmonary edema. Thus consumption of this fruit helps in increased lung activity more!

8. Vitamin C:

Vitamin C

Vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of the body and thus it is also important for lung health too. Consumption of fruits such as apples, kiwis, bell peppers, guavas, oranges, etc if consumed properly helps keep the lung functioning perfectly and stops the issues related to lungs as well.

9. Water:

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Water is important for the functioning of the entire body but is also equally great for the lungs too. It helps in keeping the organ well hydrated and helping them in flushing the toxic elements out of the body.

10. Dark Berries:

Dark Berries

All sorts of berries from blueberries to raspberries are rich in antioxidants. These berries help in warding off lung issues to a great extent.