Health Care Tips to Optimize Your Health


As per the World Health Organization, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Everyone understands the importance of health but most people may still disregard it due to either their hectic life schedule or they have a myopic outlook towards life. You need good health to perform your duties efficiently whether you work at home or in an office. A healthy lifestyle and eating habits are very important to maintain good health. Prevention is better than cure, to let your body and mind function in a natural way. To maintain good health you need to follow certain principles of ancient Indian lifestyle theory, religiously.

1. Eating Habits

It is very important to watch your diet to optimize your health. Sprouts are one of the most nutritious foods ‘you may call it superfood’. Sprouts contain more vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fats. When you sprout different types of beans, nuts, seeds, broccoli, and grains, they become much more nutritious than organic vegetables. Sprouts are easy to digest and are a great source of antioxidants that protect your body from free radical damage. They support cell regeneration and protect your body from bacteria and viruses’ growth.

Limit fast food and replace non-vegetable diets with healthy diets

For maintaining good health, it is very essential to limit fast, fried food, and non-vegetable foods. These foods contain excess protein, artificial additives, toxic effects, and bad fat. These foods may cause enhancement in bad cholesterol and harmful triglycerides.  For beneficial fats, you can take avocados, coconuts, olive oil, and nuts as these are high in nutritious value and a good source of energy. A wholesome and nutritious diet charges the battery of your body and refreshes your mind. A balanced diet includes fruit, vegetables, milk products, and dry fruits.


You should also fix your meal times and take your dinner at least two hours before your sleeping time.

Fasting once in a week

As per the ancient theory of the Indian lifestyle and Ayurved fasting once in a week is beneficial for health. Research has also shown that fasting can boost your body’s (HGH) human growth hormone production that is also known as fitness hormone. Fasting will improve your metabolism, digestive system, boost fat loss, maintain health and longevity. Other benefits of fasting may include normalizing insulin levels and lowering triglyceride.

2. Lifestyle changes

To optimize your health, maintain strength, flexibility, and endurance you must do regular exercises and yoga. Brisk walking in the morning for 20 minutes or jogging along with stretching exercises, asana, and pranayama is the best way to improve your fitness hormone which is essential for optimal health, strength, and vigor. Doing Anulom-Bilom Pranayam i.e. inhaling from one nostril and exhaling from others in the morning will help in keeping the mind cool, control anger, anxiety, and blood pressure. Regular exercise and yoga together with a healthy lifestyle will improve insulin sensitivity, boost fat loss, and improve muscle growth.

Another important part of a healthy lifestyle take sufficient sleep

Insufficient sleep has been linked to many diseases like memory loss, unnatural behavior, weight gain, diabetes, and increased risk of heart disease. Sleep deprivation may also cause premature aging and affect the production of hormone growth, normally released from the pituitary gland during sleep. These hormones help to look younger.

Optimize Vitamin D level

Vitamin D is not only important to maintain healthy bones but also plays an important role in maintaining good health. To optimize your Vitamin D instead of focusing on taking a vitamin D supplement, it is better to take Vitamin from nature by exposing your body to the sun. Morning sunlight is superior to supplements for a number of reasons. Your body has the ability to regulate Vitamin D from sunlight and you can save yourself from an overdose of Vitamin from supplements.

Walking barefoot

Walking bare foot

Your foot has acupressure points to your whole body parts. Energy from the earth can help to live a healthier life, the concept of walking barefoot is known as earthing or grounding. When you walk barefoot free electrons are transferred to your body that is most potent anti-oxidants. These electrons neutralize the effects of free radicals electrically if they encounter in your tissues because electrons are negative and free radicals are positive. Another benefit of walking barefoot is that your body puts pressure on acupressure points that activate energy in organs connected with those points.

Drinking a sufficient quantity of pure water

Regulates body weight with water

Your body requires a sufficient quantity of daily supply of water to flush out the toxins and keep your body healthy. Water is required for your blood; kidney, liver, and other organs to perform their functions of detoxification. As per the ancient Indian lifestyle first thing in the morning is to drink water after leaving your bed to optimize health. Take care to drink pure/filtered water to save your body from harmful substances mixed with water.

Avoid Toxins

Your body is vulnerable to toxic substances present in the atmosphere, personal hygiene products, sprays, pesticides. Households cleaners and insecticides. Some of the most hazardous toxins are mercury, and fluoride found in dental amalgams, toothpaste, fluoridated water, and non-organic foods. It is not possible to list all the toxic substances but to save your body from this substance, you should check the ingredients of all the products you use and eat./p>

Address your stress

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It is neither possible nor recommended to eliminate stress completely from your life. However, you can program your body to respond to unavoidable stresses of everyday life. Regular pranayama, meditation, exercises/yoga, and getting enough sleep plays an important role in managing stress. Meditation can be learned from a qualified specialist in the field to avoid the bad effects of stress on your body and to optimize your health.

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Natural remedies to cure health issues

Replacing drugs with natural alternatives like lifestyle, eating habits changes to address the health problem is better. A vast majority of health issues are due to the faulty lifestyle. These health issues can be prevented and cured with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. A balanced diet, intermittent fasting may help in optimizing your health and preventing many health issues. Doctors and scientists are also looking into a number of dietary treatment alternatives.