Health Benefits of Avocado



Avocado is a greenish, pear-shaped fruit, packed with the goodness of several vitamins and minerals. Check out the immense health benefits of avocado-

1. It is rich in oleic acid which lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and helps to keep your cholesterol level in the healthy range and helps lower the risk of heart disease.
Health benefits of avocado


2. Diets containing fruits like avocados that are rich in potassium and low in sodium. Therefore, they may reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke as an adequate level of potassium serum level helps your heart to pump out blood more efficiently.
3. If avocados are taken with other fruits, the monounsaturated fat in avocados may help your body absorb important bioactive carotenoids and reduce the risk of cancer.
4. Also, one of the studies showed that the lipids extracted from avocados might prove photo-proactive against the harmful effects of radiation, such as sun damage, and inflammation if ingested before exposure. The anti-inflammatory properties of avocados may help to prevent and treat arthritis.

Av0cado Contains Many vitamins

 5. Avocados are a storehouse of vitamin c, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin B, vitamin E, and many nutrients which are very essential in our day-to-day diet. Interestingly, one avocado contains 15% of the daily recommended potassium intake which is 4.7 grams.

6. Avocados are known for their dietary fiber which makes satiate your hunger. This can help prevent you from munching throughout the day and thereby aiding in weight loss & reducing blood sugar levels.

7. Avocado comes with many skin benefits too. Including avocado in your diet promotes healthy skin complexion, soothes dry skin & heals wounds faster. Avocado oil is known to increase the production of collagen, making your skin youthful & supple.

8. Avocados contain Carotenoids like lutein & zeaxanthin. These plant-based compounds are known to improve eyesight & reduce the risk of eye diseases.

9. Another major benefits of avocado is that it is rich in compounds Persenones A & B. These are the antioxidants that help prevent inflammation and cancer.

10. Avocados are good for pregnant women & babies as well. It contains Folate or vitamin B9 which is important in cell and tissue growth.


Studies have found that Avocado contains 73% of water and 15% of unsaturated fats. Half an avocado contains which is 68 grams contains these many nutrients & minerals-


Dietary Fiber6g
Total Sugar0.2 g
Potassium345 milligrams (mg)
Sodium5.5 mg
Magnesium19.5 mg
Vitamin A43 micrograms
Vitamin E1.3 mg

Additionally, for those who don’t prefer consuming raw, you can add it along with smoothies or various dishes to relish the goodness of avocado. However, consuming it extra would add calories so its recommended to have it moderately.

Interestingly, avocados are now becoming increasingly popular as it is recommended by many nutritionists & dieticians all over the globe. Also, avocados are a must-have for people following a keto diet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Do avocados have any possible side effects?

There are no possible side effects of avocados. However, if you consume it heavily you might end up gaining weight.

 I am allergic to fruits like bananas and kiwis. Should I still eat avocados?

You might be having latex allergy which is making you allergic to these fruits. In this case, you can avoid having avocados.

 I am expecting and due in four months. Is it suitable for me?

Avocados are essential for pregnant women as it helps in building and maintaining new cells. However, you can still discuss it with your doctor before.

I am on a weight loss diet. Will eating avocadoes help me reduce my weight?

Avocados are known to satiate your hunger pangs and make you full. Therefore, you can include it in your daily diet regime.

So are you going to avail benefits of avocado?

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