How to Prevent Childhood Obesity

How to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Being a parent, the biggest concern on your mind would be to give your child a nutritious diet. This is because without proper nutrition the resistive capacity against diseases, of your child’s body is bound to suffer making him prone to a multitude of diseases. Improper choice of diet and an inclination towards junk food are major reasons behind childhood obesity. For proper growth and health, it is very important for you to look after your child’s diet and also prevent childhood obesity.

Prevent childhood obesity

Here are some important tips that can help you to prevent childhood obesity:

Good example

Being a parent your child is definitely going to follow in your footsteps and that is why it is your duty to set a good example. You can set a good example by choosing healthy lifestyle practices so that even the child can learn from you.

Get rid of calorie-rich food

Give your child things to eat that are low on the calorie count. This does not mean that you cannot give those treats, it’s just that in general circumstances give them low-calorie food such as a medium-sized apple or banana, grapes, blueberries, and much more.

Talk to them

Talk to your child about the benefits of eating proper food and being healthy. Also, teach them the advantages of physical activities. You can talk about advantages such as strong bones, less stress, increased self-esteem, and much more.

Help them

According to researches, a child or teen should be involved in at least 60 minutes of mild physical activity daily. You should help them in making these activities a habit. Some of the main physical activities you can involve your child in are like jumping rope, walking, dancing, swimming, playing outdoor games such as football, and many more.

Reduction of inactive time

When it comes to the inactive time when they are indulged on the internet, watching television, or playing video games, you definitely need to reduce that time. Doctors even don’t recommend TV for kids younger than 12 years of age. The best way to do this is to encourage your child to either get involved in activities with family members or find other ways of spending time rather than sitting idle before the screen.
These are some effective ways to prevent childhood obesity and make your kids fitter.