Care for Maintaining Sensitive Skin

Senstive skin

Sensitive skin is highly prone to irritation, infection, or allergy. It is delicate and immediately reacts to chemicals, detergents, cosmetics, and change in environmental conditions. Any type of skin mentioned above can be sensitive and therefore require particular attention.

Senstive skin

The appropriate selection of products is quintessential for the protection and care of such delicate skin. Though the process of cleaning and moisturizing is the same, one needs to look out for products categorically made for sensitive skin. Check out products that specify alcohol-free and perfume free. These are favorable for sensitive skin.

Any skin product used for such type of skin should be hypoallergenic and it is safe to take a patch test of the product before using it on the whole face. Besides, moisturize the skin regularly. Especially after washing or cleaning or bathing, the sensitive skin should be dried and then moisturized thoroughly with skin appropriate moisturizer or homemade moisturizer.

Sensitive skin is likely to get sunburnt easily. Therefore apply gel-based sunscreen meant for sensitive skin liberally for protection and reapply to counter the sun rays.

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Be careful while choosing makeup products. Go for powder-based products for best and safe results.

In addition, people with sensitive skin should also be careful about their diet. Too much spicy food may not be suitable for their skin. In the same way, hot foods can also irritate or redden the skin. Consume a healthy and nutritious diet rich with fresh fruits and leafy vegetables. Keep the skin well hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Wear light and soft material clothing like cotton. Other materials may irritate the skin.

Essential oils like almond oil or sandalwood oil are good moisturizers for such type of skin. Also, apply the mixture of yogurt and cucumber juice and rinse off after 15 minutes to get soft silky skin.

A useful home remedy for soft bright skin is to spread a mixture of honey and rose water on the face. And wash the face after it dries.

Use aloe Vera juice on the irritated skin for a soothing experience.

The above beauty tips are basic for achieving smooth and silky skin. The secret lies in regular routine and gentle handling of the skin.