So when was the last time you had an eye exam? It is sad but true that most adults put off eye examinations. They keep waiting until there is a serious problem. This can be dangerous. Here are 7 warning signs that indicate eye problems and it is time to schedule your eye exam:

1. Long-Sightedness

Presbyopia is a condition characterized by the lens that goes hard and inflexible as one age. People find it tough to focus on it. One of the major symptoms is frequent headaches. If you haven’t seen your eye doctor for a year, it is time to schedule an appointment.

2. Squinting

Do you find yourself squinting while reading? Well, this indicates it is time for a prescription update. Although squinting doesn’t hurt your eyes, it is an indication that your eyes may need care and assistance in viewing better.

squintis the warning sign that indicate eye problem

3. Difficulty Seeing at Night

Do you face difficulty seeing at night? If you face issues driving or seeing at night, it may be an indication you suffer from nyctalopia (night blindness). This condition leads to sensitivity to light. Most patients face difficulty seeing at night. They also find it difficult to see in dimly lit areas.

Night blindness may be caused due to any of the following:



Side effects from medications

Laser refractive surgery

Corneal diseases

Injuries to cornea

Vitamin A deficiency

You must visit an experienced eye professional to determine the exact cause of your night blindness.

4. Double Vision

A double vision should not be taken lightly. This is an indication of some serious issues. In most cases, it indicates issues with cornea or eye muscles. It may also be a symptom of cataracts.

5. Some Health Conditions

Diabetes is closely related to eye conditions. Hence, those with diabetes are recommended to get an annual eye exam. Those with a family history of glaucoma, cataracts, or retinal problems must schedule regular eye exams for keeping close tabs on eye health.


6. The Aura around You!

Do you see an aura? The sudden appearance of zigzag lines, flashing lights, or blind spots are an indication of other health issues such as a monster headache is on its way. Referred to as an aura, these visual troubles mainly affect around 20 percent of those suffering from a migraine headache. Auras are known to affect one side of an individual’s vision. They last for 15-60 minutes. Sometimes, these might not accompany a headache. Check with your eye doctor as soon as possible.

7. Burning or Stinging Sensation

Irritated or tired eyes are a sign that your eyes need attention. These may result from dust, hay fever, or smoke. This may also be due to blepharitis, a condition where bacteria buildup leads to flakes on eyelids (similar to dandruff). This may also cause dry eye or inflamed cornea (keratitis).

Take care of the above-mentioned warning signs that indicate eye problems to save your eyes.