How Your Bad Habits Affect Your Health

Between good health and bad health, stands a question, how your habits affect your health? Do habits play role in achieving great health or losing good health? The junk food you eat, erratic eating time, overeating are some of the things that affect adversely. Similarly, some habits like biting your nails, cracking fingers, and wrong sitting posture can cause multiple health issues. If you are not aware and wish to know more than read on how your bad habits affect your health:

Anytime junk Munching

A habit to munch the snacks always, whether hungry or not take the toll on the digestion system. The body becomes prone to heart diseases and diabetic conditions. One loses natural body urge of hunger and the body is inundated with the unhealthy elements. This habit will allow the body weight to be under check with extra sodium, unhealthy saturated fat, refined carbs, and sugar replaced by healthier contents of the real food of whole grains and veggies.

Being couch potato

Staying put at one place and doing nothing physically but watching television or doing other inactive activities is one bad habit. This way, one gets low energy level, develops the diabetic condition, cuts off socially, and causes loss of good physical health. The ‘no exercise’ state is supported by processed sugary food intake that hampers the body and mind. The general mood also remains way less than jovial.

couch potato

Nail Biting

Beyond the psychological quotient, nail-biting habit could be tangibly bad habit for the health. The bacteria reside below the tip of the nail; with the food, this enters the body to cause many kinds of health issues. The nail-biter may develop paronychia a pus-filled finger swelling, and redness around the fingers.

Nail Biting

Not brushing at night

Not brushing the teeth at night can cause issues such as cavities, inflamed gum, bad smell, and plaque that can cause teeth extinction. Not brushing your teeth may result in frequent visits to dentist for one or the other problem.

Sleeping with Smartphone

Giving your sleep time to Smartphone is not a smart habit as it takes away the relaxation time, which your body deserves. The habit makes your body tired and less energetic, which ultimately affects your health badly.

Sun-bath to spoil the skin

As they say, ‘excess of everything is bad’; same applies to the habit and fondness to acquire golden bronze body color by solar exposure. The elastic body fibers are destroyed by excessive sunbathing which leads to aging, wrinkles, blotches, freckles, and skin discoloration. In some cases, it can cause skin cancer too. One must take care with the application of right chemicals, and limited sun exposure.


Bad Behavior

Is your bad behavior worse for the other person or yourself? Your unhappy style of living can cause high blood pressure and blood sugar reinforced by sugary food, instigates loss of control over your body. That interprets to the heart diseases if the short-fuse temperament style becomes your key behavior.

Bad Behavior

Other habits that affect your health adversely are skipping your breakfast, cracking the knuckles, sitting with your legs crossed, continuous hours on desktop, smoking and drinking alcohol. These habits may not have immediate effect but gradually such bad habits affect your health adversely. So, take care!