Giloy plant is an Ayurvedic herb known as Guduchi in Hindi. It is referred to as ‘Amrita’, in Sanskrit meaning ‘the root of immortality’. The botanical name for this herb is ‘Giloy Tinospora Cordifolia’. Its stem has been used and advocated in Indian medicine for ages owing to its rich medicinal properties. Apart from the stem, the root can also be used. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved the health benefits of Giloy, the miracle herb.


10 Health Benefits of Giloy you must know

Improves Digestion

The herb is highly beneficial in maintaining healthy digestion. It is also used for treating bowel conditions. Giloy powder will also treat constipation.

2. Stress and Anxiety Management

It is an adaptogenic herb. Adaptogen is a substance responsible for the body to adapt to stress. Another health benefit of Giloy is it facilitates the body to get rid of toxins and boost memory. Therefore, it can help one calm down too.

3. Giloy Boosts Immunity

Giloy is referred to as the queen of herbs. Natural health care experts have always revered about health benefits of Giloy and mentioned it as the most versatile ayurvedic herb holding ability to treat a wide range of health conditions. Moreover, it regulates and strengthens immunity. The herb is a powerful source of lactones and alkaloids (biologically active compounds). It detoxifies the body and maintains healthy blood sugar levels.

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4. Treats Chronic Fever

The wonder herb is medically acclaimed for antipyretic activity, one of the amazing health benefits of Giloy. Hence, it has been used for bringing down fevers for decades without side effects. Ayurveda experts recommend the intake of fresh Giloy juice for boosting immunity and increasing the platelet count.


5. Giloy Reduces Signs of Aging

Good news! Giloy consumption will give you clear, glowing, and wrinkle-free skin too. The anti-aging properties of this herb will also help with tackling skin problems such as acne, blemishes, etc. by eliminating toxins from the body.

6. Delays Onset of Osteoporosis

According to a research report, Giloy root extracts can have a positive impact on the body. The osteoprotective effect of this herb helps with significant delaying of the onset of osteoporosis. Thus, you can use Giloy as a preventative herb against this joint condition.

7. Fights Respiratory Problems

Giloy holds powerful anti-inflammatory benefits which help in minimizing respiratory issues problems such as tonsils, frequent cough, cold, etc. Besides, You can also use it for the novel coronavirus infection.

8. Improves Vision

Giloy has powerful antioxidants. Lutein is one of them. It is good for the eyes and helps by improving eyesight and maintaining overall eye health.

9. Diabetes

Diabetics can benefit a lot by adding the herb into their diet. It acts as a hypoglycaemic agent, lowering blood pressure and lipid levels. The process helps with the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

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10. Heals Wounds

Giloy is very helpful in healing wounds. Application of leaf paste on the skin can expedite the process of wound healing while promoting skin regeneration.

How to Consume Giloy Easily

Here are some easy ways of consumption to help you enjoy the health benefits of Giloy:


Mix half a gram of Giloy powder with amla juice regularly. For constipation, take it with jaggery.


Take 5-10 ml of Giloy juice with a cup of water to reduce high levels of blood sugar.

Stress and Anxiety

Mix this herb and amla juice in equal quantities and have it with a cup of water.

Respiratory Conditions

Dilute the juice concentrate in water and drink on an empty stomach.

Joint Conditions

Boil Giloy stem powder with milk and consume it before bedtime for joint pain. Also, its powder mixed with ginger juice will help treat rheumatoid arthritis.

Asthmatic Symptoms

Chew on Giloy root or drink its juice daily on an empty stomach.


Boil Giloy powder in water. Allow it to cool and apply on eyelids. Wash off once dry.

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