Electric Facial Massage Benefits- Should you try or not?

electric facial massage benefits

The beauty products industry is constantly bringing new and advanced products in the market, which not only guarantee improved results but also reduce human efforts. Electric face massager is one of these products. A manual one-time salon facial massage is quite expensive while an electric face massager is a one-time low investment. However, electric facial massage benefits are not limited to monetary gains only.

Below are some electric facial massage benefits

Better blood circulation:

Foot massagers and back massagers improve blood circulation in the foot and back. Similarly, face massagers help to improve blood circulation by increasing the flow of oxygen around your eyes, mouth, and eyebrows.

electric facial massage benefits

Helps to relieve stress:

Stress leads to many problems and one of them is fine lines and wrinkles. Electric facial massager aids in gently massaging pressure points on your face decontracts and relaxes face muscles thus relieving stress.

Reduces skin aging:

Using an electric face massager regularly increases the flow of blood and collagen production. Moreover, stimulation of facial muscles on regular basis proves to be an anti-aging treatment for your face.

Better absorption of face products:

Face massager helps to rejuvenate your skin as a result of which your skin pores are open for a longer time. This helps your skin to absorb any skincare product immediately and deliver better results.

Clear and detoxified skin:

The list of electric facial massage benefits includes acne and dark spot reduction, elimination of extra face fat, and detoxified (clear) skin. This is because regular face massage helps throw away unwanted toxins and improve blood flow to your skin.

Reduces the need for cosmetics and other skincare products:

Regular usage of electronic face massager gives you all the benefits of skincare products such as clear and bright skin, a younger look, and naturally healthy and beautiful facial skin. Hence, this reduces the need for makeup, as you look fresh and flawless without it.

Facial Massager

Precautions while using an electronic face massager

  • Do not use an electric facial massager if your face is swollen due to any reason it may make it worse.
  • Mind the temperature of your massager. It is common that the massager gets hot after a long time of use but if this problem is a constant switch if off and use after some time. Using electric face massagers at high temperatures can lead to skin irritation, rashes, burns, itching, etc…
  • Keep your massagers away from the water even if they are water-resistant.
  • Pregnant women and neuropathy patients are suggested to use facial massagers only after a doctor’s consultation.
  • When you put your electric facial massager on vibration mode and it makes you feel dizzy especially near your head or neck stop using it immediately. Use vibration mode only if it suits you; if it makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable do not go for it.

 Massager v/s real massage 

Penetration of oils and other skincare products:

When a masseur tries to deeply penetrate your skin with skincare products or oils, they have to apply a lot of pressure. This is painful at times and does not prove much effective. On the other hand, electric facial massagers help to deeply penetrate your skin through vibration mode.

Variation factor:

Almost all the electric face massagers give you the same feel if you keep aside certain special features of expensive electric facial massagers. However, when it comes to real massage there is variation in techniques and your experience. Real massage gives you different experiences every time. This also depends on the masseur and spa services.

Knowledge factor of massage:

An electric facial massager is a machine and hence will work like a machine delivering the same repetitive patterns irrespective of your changes needs. However, in manual massage, you can always expect different and better massage by addressing your problems or needs to the masseur.


When it comes to cost real massage and massager are debatable topics. This is because most of the massagers are not much costly but certain high featured electric massagers cost more than 1-2 times of manual massage.

Comparing electric facial massage benefits and real massage benefits will not always give you the right advice. You can choose to go for both or any one depending upon various personal factors such as health and skin problems, convenience factors, expected experience of massage, willingness to spend, etc. So choose wisely for your regular skincare routine.

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