Best Home Remedies to Cure Throat Congestion

Throat congestion is the reason for a viral or bacterial infection, a sinus infection, or a common cold; it is also accompanied sometimes by serious conditions like pneumonia and asthma. Throat congestion normally occurs when the lining of the throat becomes swollen and inflamed, which makes eating, breathing, and drinking more challenging.

home remedies to cure throat infection
Try home remedies to cure throat infection

A mere allergy or a respiratory infection further generates the increase of mucus in the chest, which comes up to the throat causing it to become sore.

Causes and Cure of Throat Congestion

There are several causes of throat congestion, which as a result makes the throat sore. Some of these causes are,

Throat congestion is a common problem that can affect both adults and children

A congested throat usually occurs when you have flu or cold

Throat infection

Some severe symptoms due to the infection in the back of the throat are sinusitis, tonsillitis, catarrh or strep throat

Throat congestion can be related to other viral infections like chickenpox, croup, whooping cough, and measles

Environmental factors such as breathing second-hand smoke, smoking, consuming a huge amount of alcohol, inhaling polluted air or chemical cause

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Home remedies to Cure Throat Congestion

Dealing with a common cold can be quite frustrating at times, especially when you are fighting a battle against a wide array of symptoms with it. A congested and sore throat makes it hard to breathe, talk, and eat and may wake you up during the night.

To get rid of the congestion in your throat, you need to take the help of home remedies to cure it. They are as follows-

1. Turmeric


For this remedy, you need to mix a teaspoon of turmeric and honey and sip it down slowly. This will provide instant relief to your throat.

2. Ice cube

If your throat is so bad that it has become impossible to swallow something, then place an ice cube in your mouth and let it melt down completely. This process will numb your throat and will keep you hydrated.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

For this, you need to mix a tablespoon of vinegar and honey in one-third cup of water and sip it slowly.

4. Heat Bag

Place a heated wheat bag or hot water bottle over your throat and neck to ease discomfort and increase circulation to the area.

5. Garlic


Garlic is known as one of the best anti-microbial home remedies to cure a sore throat. Try to eat at least a clove of garlic a day – preferably by adding it to your soups, teas, dressings, etc.

6. Hot Lemon Tea

Make yourself a good cup of hot lemon tea. For this, you need to add the juice of a lemon to a cup of hot water. You can also grate some ginger and garlic to soothe your throat.

7. Vitamin C

A popular home remedy for throat congestion is Vitamin C. Most people have an ample supply of Vitamin C tucked away somewhere in their homes. Take at least 3-5 grams a day of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C to strengthen your immunity.

8. Ginger tea

Boil a couple of pieces of ginger in one cup of water and strain. Now add a spoon of honey to the drink and sip it gradually for soothing relief.

9. Gargle with saltwater

Mix one small spoon of table salt to warm water and mix. Now gulp some water in your mouth and gargle and then spit out the same. Repeat till the water is finished. It will soothe your throat and slacken the congestion.

10. Chamomile tea

Take chamomile tea with honey at least 3-4 times a day to get relief from the bad throat.

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