Ever wondered why your mother never allowed you to leave the house without having breakfast every day? You might have fussed over this but actually she was doing good to you and your body so that you could stay healthy. There are a number of advantages of not skipping the most important meal of the day. So, do give it a second thought and incorporate it into your daily routine without fail to see the results.

Breakfast every day for great start!

Break the bread before you leave for work!

Breaks the fast

Literally, that is what the first meal of the morning helps to do i.e break the fast that your body performs over the night, the sleeping hours being the longest duration when the body does not get any food. Having breakfast fastens the metabolic activities of the body and gets you going for the day.

Stay healthy

People who have their morning breakfast every day turn out to be healthier than those who choose to skip it. A healthy breakfast strengthens the immune system and helps to flush out the toxins from the body.

Breakfast every day provides the essential nutrients needed by the body

Cereals, milk and fruits for breakfast

Include cereals, milk, and fruits in your breakfast to get diverse nutrients.

The breakfast is perhaps the only time during the day when one has cereals, fruits, and milk. Therefore, skipping breakfast will deprive your body of the essential nutrients that these foods provide.

Breakfast every day helps to burn the fat, burn the calories

If you’re doing the drills to lose weight, then missing the breakfast is not going to do you any good. Instead, it will increase your craving for wasteful eating during the day adding empty calories that get stored as fat. So, have a healthy breakfast because it will expedite the process of burning the calories and keeping hunger in check.

It helps you remain Mr./Ms. Cool

Happy and stress free

Use camphor and stay stress-free!

Research shows that people who do not have the morning meal tend to be more grumpy and grouchy compared to those who do have breakfast. To keep your calm with friends and colleagues, have breakfast.

Avoid desserts and sweets to start the day

Extreme sweet dishes can cause the blood sugar level to go down considerably during the day making you want to have more and more food. Hence, you shall end up over-eating instead of losing weight.

Leading by example


Children learn what they see. So, if you’re raising a family and want your children to inculcate the habit of having breakfast regularly, do it yourself because children learn by seeing and emulating.

Breakfast every day is a performance enhancer

Whether at school, home, or at the workplace, an empty stomach will pull you back from putting great ideas in place. Having breakfast gives the brain its daily dose for getting into action and performing better.

I hope the above has given you reasons enough not to skip the morning breakfast no matter how busy you are. Do ensure to have something to eat within the two hours of waking up for best results – be it losing weight, thinking fast, keeping calm, or giving your body the nutrients it needs!

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