Ways to cope up with winter blues

Winter is all about the chilled surrounding, cozy bed, and hard wake-ups! People love the frozen atmosphere and shady sky. However, if you are amongst those people who hesitate to step out until the sun is out, or get anxious, etc., during winter, then you are suffering from winter blues! But hey, you are not alone! Here are 10 ways to cope with winter blues for people like you:

1. Try the movie and book therapy

 Winter is a great time to get under the soft blanket, sip some coffee, and read your favorite book. Even movies can help you divert your mind from the weather outside as both movies and books keep you engrossed and your curiosity level high. Moreover, it also acts as a mood improver.

Ebooks and the School Library Program

 2. Eat all winter-friendly foods:

 Sometimes food is all you need to cope with the winter blues. As per your mood or taste preferences, you can go for either slow-cooked delicious stews or some instants soups. Try to have fresh seasonal vegetable soup to calm your mood.

winter vegetables

3. Exercise:

Experts state that exercise or physical activity can be a mood booster. Instead of lying on the bed, do some indoor exercises/swimming or just hit the gym for at least 30 minutes. Apart from keeping you fit, exercise also helps to fight mild to moderate depression.

exercises to cope with winter blues

4. Experiment with bright colors:

Research says that there is always a strong connection between wearing bright colors and feeling optimistic. Hence, another way to fight winter blues is by wearing bright colors. So, this winter instead of wearing blacks and greys go for some bright yellow, cherry red, pink, and bright green shades. Also, try to surround yourself with some colorful paintings or decor items.

5. Complete your dose of vitamin D:

 Extremely low levels of vitamin D can, not only add to your winter blues but can also make you ill very easily. Like the sun, the only source of vitamin D is mostly absent during winters you need to take supplements in order to complete your body requirement of vitamin D. Take the dosage as per the doctor’s suggestion only.

6. Surround yourself with positive people:

Negative people will fill you with more negative emotions, which can raise your anxiety and depression level. Hence, if you want to cope with the winter blues chose your circle wisely and hang out with positive fun-loving people.

7. Buy sun lamp:

Research states that poor sunlight affects circadian rhythms. Hence, in order to bring down your winter blue level, you can buy sun lamps and place them as per your needs and preferences. Sun lamps act as a good substitute for sunlight.

8. Spend some time next to fire:

On winter nights, there is no good feeling as compared to sitting next to a warm house fire and just gazing at those sparkling flames. If you do not have a house fire, you can find one in your surroundings or just light a few candles and let the time pass by.

9. Impress your senses:

In order to boost your mood, you need to impress your senses by pampering them. Set a few beauty regimes for yourself, try some nail art, add some essential oil scents to your life through aromatherapy, etc. All this will not only relax your mind and body but will also enhance your self-care level.


10. Turn the curse into a blessing:

Last but not least, try to enjoy every moment as it is! Instead of running away from your winter blues, face it! Go out, try some winter sports, run in the snow, make a snowman, go trekking, try fishing, ice skating, etc. Let the cold breeze touch every strand of your hair and make you feel alive again!

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