Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are the ones which affect the neurological activity. If you put some efforts, there are certain means through which you can prevent dementia. Here are some good lifestyle changes for dementia prevention.

old people and dementia


1. Challenging Your Brain

The brain should always get enough exercise for it to feel active. The activeness of the brain helps in preventing many diseases like dementia. There are many brain games, and exercises that are very exciting and can engage your brain to keep alive and active always. You can also get involved in any activities that help in spending time more effectively. Solving a puzzle, playing cards or painting are activities that keep you very active.

2. Avoiding Any Injury to Brain

It is very essential for you to avoid any form of injury to the brain as this can increase the chances of issues like dementia. Using the necessary gear while playing any game or riding a bike can help in preventing any situations or incidents that can cause brain or head injuries. Making use of safety gear is one of the best lifestyle changes for dementia prevention.

3. Spend Time for Some Cardio

Cardio is very important for staying healthy. You should engage in swimming, running, or brisk walking daily to keep yourself active and healthy. Try to make a schedule for cardiovascular exercises.

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1. Healthy and Balanced Diet

green Vegetables for sharp mind

Consume green vegetables for a sharp brain.

Your food habits define you and it is true for the brain as well. Include healthy foods like fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet and make it work for your whole body. Nuts, fish, green leafy vegetables, beans, cruciferous veggies, blueberries, olive oil, low-fat dairy products, and poultry help to maintain neurological balance.

2. Foods to avoid

Avoid Processed Food for dementia prevention

Avoid processed foods and meats

Try to avoid junk foods. Foods like white rice, white pasta and sugar, processed foods and meats, microwave popcorn, and beer affect memory. It is better to skip such foods. 

Do’s and Don’ts for lifestyle changes for dementia prevention


1. Good Sleep

Adequate sleep is very important for the whole body including your brain to relax and feel comfortable. Less sleep or sleep disorders may gradually lead to ailments like dementia. A light dinner, proper sleep routine, calm, and decluttered bedroom are some of the factors that can help in improving your sleep.


2. Discussions and Teaching

Discussions and teachings are activities that make your brain to put a lot of effort as you have to analyze the facts and also to come up with some ideas. Also, if you have a skill in teaching, you can consider taking some classes for the kids in the neighborhood or formally in a school.

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3. Stop Smoking

Smoking is a habit that can have a direct impact on the brain. Quitting smoking helps in getting rid of the issue of dementia. One of the best lifestyle changes for dementia prevention is to completely stay away from smoking.

no smoking

4. Treating Depression

Depression and anxiety are issues which can gradually lead to dementia. If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, you should consult the doctor and get treatment. This will help in preventing dementia.

5. Being Socially Active

Staying socially active and mingling with your peers are very important aspects for anyone to keep the brain active. Having a peer group and getting involved socially helps in preventing issues like dementia.

6. Limit Drinking

Being alcoholic can pose a lot of risk on the neurological activity. It is good to have control over how much you drink. Being a regular drinker may increase the chances of getting affected by dementia especially when there is a genetic possibility.