Hair color is a good option for awesome appearance if done correctly.

Coloring hair is a trend that may never see the end. Once a major requirement only for the grey-haired individuals; coloring hair soon turned into a trend. From Bollywood celebrities to models and bloggers, dying hair in different colors is a fashion trend among people of all ages. So, if you are looking forward to dyeing your hair this season, do not think twice. Just embrace this never-ending trend called Hair Color!

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Now the question is how to make a choice? Are there certain colors that go well with only fair-skinned ladies? Which hair color is best suited for dark-skinned beauties? Will burgundy hair color suit medium / olive skin tone?

It is crucial that you know which color would complement your skin tone and eye color. Here is a guide to help you choose the best color for your hair:

Choose the color for your hair as per your skin color.

Hair Color Choices for Fair Skin

Lighter hair colors are best suited for fair-skinned ladies. You can go for any of the blonde or light brown shades for your hair. Dark colors are not bad options. However, make sure you do not choose the darkest shade such as black or dark brown. Some of the best options for fair skin include:

– Light brown

– Honey-chestnut

– Dark blonde

Highlights with a blonde or darker shade of blonde or caramel will also go well with this skin color.

Hair Color Choices for Wheatish Skin

Wheatish is beautiful skin color. Also referred to as the universal shade of skin, the color will get along with a huge number of shades. So, you can actually go for a range of light or dark shades.

Some of the best recommendations include brown, blonde, dark brown; and dark blonde. In case, you wish to go for blonde color, go for blonde with highlights. Global blonde may not be a good option as it makes skin color dull.

Hair Color Choices for Dusky Skin

Dusky skinned beauties can do well with light-reflecting subtle highlights. These highlights are usually referred to as ‘reflects’. These are known for a unique iridescent as the sun rays hit the hair. Here, it is important for the color on roots to be darker. The ends need to be highlighted. This contrasting look complements the skin tone. Experts suggest hair color/highlights be at least 2-3 shades lighter than the global hair color. Vast contrasts may not create an impressive look.

Brown colors with lighter highlights (reflects) or deep brown shades are also recommended by hair experts.

Color Choices for Deep Skin

Deep skinned beauties can experiment with darker shades of colors. One must avoid going for very light hues such as blonde or other lighter colors. These shades may create a deep contrast with skin tone and would not work well.

Hair experts usually suggest not going really dark with shades or very light. One must make prudent choices. One can go for a deeper global hair color combined with reflects of caramel, toffee, honey-chestnut, etc.

The following colors are best recommended for deep skinned beauties:

– Burgundy

– Light brown

– Brown

– Red shades

– Reflect highlights of dark brown

– Red highlights

– Brown highlights

– Violet highlights

In a Nutshell

Coloring hair will bring a welcoming change in your appearance. It is important to stay updated with the trend and embracing the latest ones. However, it is also important to make a wise choice. Following the above-stated tips and instructions will help you to choose a hair color that complements your skin tone.

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