Getting rid of bad curls for softer, shinier and smoother hair

Curly hair is natural and starts from the roots so it can’t exactly be erased. Numerous permanent straightening methods are available but most of them need strong heating processes that may further deteriorate hair internally. Nonetheless, the damage that curly hair is prone to can be declined through safe hair care habits and measures like:


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1. Balance hair quality with better basic hair care

i) Never use excessively harsh cleansers/shampoos that have high alcoholic ingredients. Always settle down for the gentle ones with as low as chemical ingredients possible.

#DIY cleansers can also be used by mixing olive oil with baking soda and rinsing with warm water.

ii) Never let the hair air dry or use the towel harshly on the scalp. After washing, just wrap a t-shirt or a light towel around the head and let it absorb all the water. Once the water has been soaked, let your hair loose and detangle with just fingers into straight locks. Avoid brushing it when the hair has dried but using a detangling comb.

#Rubbing scalp will worsen frizz and combing excessively dry as well as wet hair will make it brittle and hair will fall off.

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2. Consider the surrounding factors

Numerous factors like swimming in chlorinated water, living in an extremely cold climate, undergoing chemical treatments on hair like dyeing or using flat irons, etc aggravate the naturally curly texture of the hair. To curb the damage of these factors, many hair care brands have brought out specific products to treat such hair.

In addition to using suitable shampoo, conditioner, and protective mousse, it is also important to take some measures like using a hair swimming cap to keep chlorinated water from wetting the hair. Floppy, fedora hats score great on the style factor and also maintain hair coverage from Sun and other climatic factors.

3. Ditching the short term straightening irons

Hair straightening irons may seem like an easy effective solution to sleek hair but continued usage may not only worsen the curls/waves and frizz but also lead to loss of hair texture, split ends, etc. So, limit the use of heating products on hair (flat iron, blow dryer, etc) to aid preserve wavy/curly hair quality.

4. Indulge

Nothing is better than a rich, nourishing hair mask and conditioner for the curly hair. Use Pure Olive oil, Castor Oil, Rosemary Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Almond (Sweet) oil with curd (yogurt), Beer, Hibiscus, Egg white, mashed Banana, Avocado mashed flesh, etc through DIY hair masks to deep condition stubborn waves in the hair.

5. Tips for curly hair maintenance while traveling

When traveling, do your homework on the climate and similar factors of the place you are visible. Always pack a small bottle of your favorite curly hair essential oil (when in doubt, choose Almond or Rosemary oil) and Shea butter deep conditioner. Also, keep hair covered in scarves-bandanas to prevent direct sunlight on curls and avoid washing hair every day.

Haircare is no rocket science and as you will begin to understand how your natural hair is, curly hair health will only get better with thorough care.