Lose side fact effectively with easy tips.

Love handles or fat on your sides can be infuriating. However, it’s only possible to lose side fat when you manage to lose your overall weight. However, you can still target one area of your body by doing some exercises, aiming at abs and muscle reduction. You can achieve your aim by following certain natural ways.

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Diet Changes to Lose side fat

Cut Sugar from Your Diet

Having health-savvy food should be your first action to lose side fat. Remove sugar from your diet as sweetened drinks and sugary foods promote the accumulation of fat on the sides. Check yourself what you eat, as sugar is present in aerated drinks, health drinks, candies, cookies, confectionary items, and other packed food products.

Lose Side Fat with Healthy Food

As they say ‘you reap what you sow’, similarly in this context, you cannot stay fit unless you eat healthy food. In your meals, you must focus on avocados, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fatty acids, fishes, and green vegetables, in short, consume food with lesser calories.

Fiber-packed Diet

One effective way to reduce love handles is by increasing soluble fiber in your food. Fiber fills the stomach and curtails hunger pangs. Besides, fiber keeps your bowel system healthy and smooth. Try eating beans, nuts, oats, vegetables, and fruits more in your food for naturally curtailing fat in the body.

Fiber-Rich Foods

Move Your Body

More than controlling calories in food, it is vital that you lose calories by walking, jogging, swimming, aerobics, and spending time in the gym. For those who lead a sedentary lifestyle sitting all day in offices, it is important that they stay active by getting up and walking around the office every 30 minutes. Even that much would make a great difference.

Thrice a Week Exercises To Lose Side Fats

Try woodchopper’s exercise

Stand with your feet apart, hold dumbbells in hands, keeping your back straight stretch forward into a lunge as a woodchopper would do. Repeat 20 times each from both sides.

Russian Twists

Lie down on the floor placing your feet under an immovable object. Bend your legs at the knees. Raise your upper body and bring it near your bent knees, making a V-shape between them. Keep hands clasped behind your head. Twist your body for a second while contracting it on the left side then go back to your starting position. Then twist your body on the right contracting body for a second, then return to starting position. Do it 50 times.

Side Plank Hip Lifts

Lie on your left side, lift your upper body above the ground with the support of your left elbow and forearm. Keep shoulders right over your elbow, legs, and feet stacked on top of each other. Raise your hips in a straight line with the body from head to heels. Slowly lower your left hip touching on the floor. Do it 10 to 15 times. Reverse the plank position on the right side and repeat the moves.

Side Plank Hip LiftsImage from Pinterest

Bicycle Crunches

Lie on the floor with your lower back pressed to the ground then raise your legs and exercise in a bicycle motion 30 times at least.

Lifestyle changes to lose fats on sides


Stress impacts your normal life by disturbing your mental and physical health. Stress increases the‘hormone cortisol’ level that causes headaches, anxiety, digestive issues, and promotes weight gain. Manage it to lose side fats.

Sleep Well

Ensure a good 7-hours sleep at least. A good sleep controls cortisol level, stress, and body fat.


Reduce alcohol

Consuming too much alcohol contributes to increased body fats as well as induces hunger pangs. Both ways, this causes obesity. Therefore, it is better to consume alcohol sparingly.

Hydrate yourself

Drink plenty of plain water for good health and not sweetened beverages. The latter leads to an increase in weight.

drinking water

Adopt these ways to lose side fat as love handles are not so lovable.