Now that you know the importance of regular and right kind of skincare, it is time to understand the change required in your skincare routine due to season change. Every season the type of precautions and care change. While in summer, you need that non-greasy and sweat-free look but skin care in winter demands differently.

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In winter, the skin gets dry and itchy. It may also become eczema-prone and really irritable. To protect the skin from cold and dry air, you need to bring about some change in skincare. And we always are here to give you some essential advice and tips.

Tips for skincare in winter

1. The harsh cold temperature makes the skin dull, dry, and flaky. Moisturize your skin generously. Replace your water-based products with creams. And besides facial skin, also apply the cream on your neck, back arms, and feet. Remember to look for vitamin E enriched products. This will prevent itchiness and loss of water content from the skin.

2. Exfoliation is important in winters also in order to remove the layer of dead cells, pollution, and dust. Make it a weekly affair and keep your skin bright and healthy in winters also.

3. Avoid prolonged baths and the use of harsh soaps. It will take away natural moisture from your body. After bath pat dries your skin and immediately apply good moisturizing cream on face and body.

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4. Accessorize sufficiently in winter. Moisturizing is very important in maintaining healthy skin in winter. After moisturizing hands and feet, wear gloves and socks to lock the moisture content and prevent cracking of the skin. In winter the air inside gets dry. You can place 2-3 humidifiers in order to retain moisture in the air. It is beneficial for your skin.

5. Sun rays remain harmful irrespective of the season. Before moving out from home, provide the shield of sunscreen to your skin.

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6. The skin of your lips also needs attention. Daily apply lip balm so that the lips remain moisturized and do not get rough.

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Some home methods do not change with the season change.

(i) Like, the intake of plenty of water will maintain the water balance required in the body. It will further detoxify the body and keep the skin clean and glowing. Next, improve the nutritional value of your diet. Fruits and vegetables provide the necessary supplements that your skin and body require. Besides, you should daily consume some almonds. Almonds are rich in vitamin E and hence good for health.

(ii) Vitamin C is again an important element for skin and body.  You can get it from a lemon. Begin your morning with a glass of water mixed with some lemon juice. Moreover, eat oranges and other citrus fruits that help in fighting winter.

(iii) For skincare, some home remedies never lose their importance. Mix equal portions of honey and milk and apply on face for fifteen minutes. Rinse with warm water and get smooth skin.

(iv) In addition, apply coconut or almond, or olive oil on the body and take a bath after some time. This will cure winter dryness.

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(v) Complete your winter skincare regime with cleansing, toning, and moisturizing at night. Massage the dry skin of hands and feet with oil or cream and go off to sleep.

(vi) Use all these winter care tips, wear skin-friendly clothes, and stay happy. The winter dryness will stay at bay and your skin will look radiant and happy this winter.