Train the brain to overcome junk food cravings seriously


The new addiction that people these days are trying to get over his junk food addiction! Right from the cheesy pizzas and burgers to zesty fries and mouth-watering pastries, junk food is all over people’s plate and mind today. This food is gradually deteriorating your health and may lead to fatal diseases in the future. The only place where you can learn to overcome junk food cravings is your brain!



Ways to overcome junk food cravings

Plan meals in advance:

There are very few chances of you ordering junk food if you already have your meals planned. Always try to keep your healthy lunch/snack boxes packed and have it when you are hungry. This way you do not have to think about what to order and can indirectly avoid eating junk food.

Eating unhealthy food causes health problems.
Junk eating is an invitation to health hazards.

Avoid long periods of hunger:

When you are hungry for a long time you end up eating junk food as you can get it quickly as compared to healthy food. To avoid such a mistake see to it that you eat after regular intervals.

Learn to manage your stress:

Behind every food craving, there is always an emotion attached. It can be either a positive emotion or just stress. It is a human tendency to eat some sweets, pastries, donuts, etc., to bring down the stress levels. Some people have related food to happiness and end up overeating junk food whenever they are stressed out. The next time you are stressed try to avoid treating yourself, instead try doing yoga or indulge in some hobby.


Add variety to your food:

Another way to overcome junk food cravings is to add more variety to your food. Every week try to make some additions in your healthy diet. This way you will always have something new to eat and you will never be bored with eating healthy food. Ultimately, this will become a habit and you will conquer the art of avoiding junk food.

Try the magic of spinach extract:

Now, this is something new in the market! It is a new supplement, which is made from spinach extract. Some studies state that eating 3.7-5grams of this spinach extract helps to reduce food craving for many hours in a row.


Stay away from your junk food venue:

The more near you are to junk food the more likely you are to eat one! Hence, try to take a different route to office/home or just go for a long walk to distance yourself from the junk food outlet.


Do not confuse food with thirst:

Often, people confuse thirst with hunger and land up eating junk food. The next time you feel hungry or crave your favorite burger/pastry try to drink a glass of water first. If you feel full then it was just thirst and if you still feel hungry, try to munch on some dry fruits or nuts.

Eat more protein-rich food:

Studies state that eating protein-rich food will not only help you overcome junk food cravings but also keep your stomach full for a long time. While another study states that eating more protein, rich food helps in reducing food cravings by 60% and helps to overcome late-night snack craving.

foods rich in protein

Replace fruits for sweets:

Apart from junk food, you may also crave sweets after lunch or dinner. During such cravings try to eat some fresh fruits instead of going for high-calorie unhealthy donuts, waffles, pastries, etc. Fruits are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and contain fructose, which supplies your body natural sugar, unlike the processed unhealthy sugar.


Plan your supermarket visit wisely:

Lastly, if you are seriously trying to overcome junk food cravings you need to keep certain things in mind. Firstly NEVER visit the supermarket when you are hungry, there are high chances you eat/buy more junk items. Secondly, instead of visiting weekly try to visit only once a month, this will reduce the amount of junk food items you buy. In addition, try to avoid going to the cold storage or junk food section.

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