12 Smart habits to stay happy every day of the year


The year is new but it’s the same you! If you trying to enter New Year with the same emotional and mental trauma of last year and hoping to stay happy then it’s your biggest myth! Your emotions have control over your mind and actions. Hence, you need to have peace of mind and be happy to achieve things in life. Real happiness does not come with a price; you just need to add these smart habits to stay happy every day.


12 Smart habits to stay happy every day of the year

Discover your purpose

Imagine sitting on a train and not knowing where to go! Scary! Right? This is your life without any goal or purpose in life. If you already have a purpose in life, great; if not it’s not too late, set one!

Waking up each day with an intention of achieving your goal in life, taking small steps closer to your dreams, day by day, will not only generate a feeling of accomplishment but will also make you happy.

Have a proper sleep schedule

Often sleep schedule is taken for granted when it comes to a list of smart habits to stay happy every day. Your sleep schedule is very important and lack of sleep can make your mood cranky and reduce concentration level. Keep a track of your sleep schedule and avoid going to bed too late.

Spend ‘me time’ in nature

Your ‘me time’ is the time you spend alone in solitude. Every day spends at least 15 minutes alone in nature. Breathe in some fresh air, admire nature, watch the birds flying, and so on. This will help you refresh instantly and calm your mind.

Smart Habits for Happiness

Be a giver in life

Receiving something feels good but giving feels great. Giving does not necessarily mean giving away materialistic things; you can also give knowledge and advice to the needy. Helping and guiding people will definitely make you more joyful and happy.

Keep patience

Not everything comes easy in life. You may get a few things even before you asked for them while you have to wait long for your most needed things. Learn to keep hopes and wait patiently for things you do not get instantly.

Similarly, always be curious about learning new things in life. If plan A does not work plan B or C will definitely work for you.

Practice meditation

Practice Meditation
Practice meditation for inner peace and happiness.


Happiness comes from inward and the only way to look inward is through meditation. Meditation not only calms your mind but also keeps negative thoughts away from your mind, thus boosting happiness.

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Reduce your social media time

This is one of the most important smart habits to stay happy every day, especially for the youth. Social media is filled with fake, show off making people, which will at some point make you feel insecure in life. Many experts say that spending more time on social media leads to poor mental health.

Find a physical activity that excites you

Your physical activity level is also responsible for your happiness. If you do not like going to the gym and doing hardcore exercises no problem! You can choose any fun activities like outdoor games, cycling, swimming, dancing, etc., to stay fit.


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Avoid negativity

Happiness comes when you surround yourself with happy people. Negative people will surround you with their negative aura. They are the people who have a problem with every solution! Hence, choose your company wisely and avoid negative thoughts as much as you can.

Get a new hobby

Learning something new will fill your mind with curiosity and excitement. Thus, taking up a new hobby will keep you engaged and help to avoid negative thoughts and anxiety. Ultimately, this new hobby will boost your sense of accomplishment and add to your happiness meter.

Read books that will help you grow

Instead of wasting your time on unnecessary scrolling on digital screens, get some self-development books and read them whenever possible. Remember you are never too perfect to improve. Self-development is the best way to a happy and successful life.

Show gratitude

If you want to be happy in life, learn to be grateful for what you have rather than complaining about what you don’t have. Constantly complaining about things you do not have, will only make you an unsatisfied and negative person in life.

Instead, learn to show gratitude to your friends and family whenever you can. Be thankful to god for whatever you have and learn to find great happiness in all small things in life.





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