Complications and health issues caused by diabetes and cure

Diabetes affects the human body in a way that it hinders the body’s capability of producing or utilizing insulin. Various complications and health issues caused by diabetes are discussed here. Diabetes can be effectively managed in a natural way with lifestyle changes, home remedies, using superfood and acupressure.

Type II Diabetes

How Diabetes adversely affects your body

Diabetes adversely affects your body that hinders the body’s capability of producing or utilizing insulin, a hormone which turns glucose into energy…

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low-GI foods

Important Facts About Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is a life-long metabolic ailment and is characterized by high blood sugar, resistance to insulin or lack of insulin in the body system…

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glycosylated hemoglobin test

Prediabetes Condition can Become Type2 Diabetes

Prediabetes is the level of blood sugar, just a step before being classified as type 2 diabetes. It may be heading towards the next step up to Type2 Diabetes…

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Fenugreek Seeds

Home Remedies for Diabetes

There are homemade remedies to cure diabetes that can be prepared with the items available at home. Some of the home remedies are given here…

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Cannellini Beans

Super Foods that Prevent and Fight Diabetes

There are some of the best superfoods to keep diabetes in control, you can also incorporate a few superfoods in your diet…

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Make Lifestyle Changes to Manage Your Diabetes

Diabetes is really tough to manage but it can be managed properly, provided you make lifestyle changes to manage your diabetes…

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Cure Diabetes With Acupressure

To cure diabetes with acupressure, the pressure is applied on acupoints to increase blood circulation and stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities…

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tooth decay

Diabetes Affects Your Teeth and Gums

Do you know the fact that diabetes can also affect the health of the oral cavity, teeth and gums? Check out how diabetes affects your teeth and gums…

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Diabetes may cause many skin problems

Diabetes may cause skin problems as it affects the internal organs of the body and can result in a wide array of conditions that affect the skin…

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Diabetes Can Lead to Hair Loss

Diabetes can lead to hair loss

There is a connection between diabetes and hair loss. It is a medical condition that causes hormonal disorder and leads to thinning of hair or hair loss…

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Sugar-based desserts

Tips For Diabetic Persons During Festival Time

People celebrate festivals with the usual fanfare. Its ill effects become evident in diabetics persons. Here are few tips for the diabetics in festival times…

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pollution from chimney

Air Pollution Can Increase the Risk of Diabetes

Air pollution may cause several health conditions including Diabetes. The solution to this problem is to avoid exposure to pollution and reduce pollution…

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small meals

Health Tips for Diabetes Patients during Diwali

Food always plays a central role when it comes to celebrating Diwali. Diabetes patients during Diwali need to take special care during the festivities…

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