Food always plays a central role when it comes to celebrating festivals across the globe, including Diwali. The meals are big with foods ranging from high fats to fried stuff and there is no dearth of sweets too. But people with diabetes need to take special care during the festivities.


Here are some health tips for diabetes patients during Diwali: –

1. Good news, you don’t have to avoid sugar completely!

If you plan your festive diet properly and limit the sugar content, then you don’t have to be off-limits when it comes to sweets/ desserts. Focus on healthy meal plans for this Diwali and you are all set.

2. Eat foods that are rich in fiber

Avoid starchy carbs and opt for whole-grain carbs, they will help you maintain your blood sugar levels to the required limit.

3. Eat homemade sweets

When you prepare sweets at home, you will know how much calories, sugar and carbohydrates you need to put in your recipe. You could use healthy oils such as olive, coconut or avocado to make it healthier. In case you are suffering from high blood sugar levels, then you can make baked sweets. The choices are endless when you are opting for homemade stuff!<

homemade sweets

4. Limit yourself

Focus on portion control. Do not eat too many sweets at one time. This, of course, needs good control and discipline, but it is achievable. This habit will not only let you enjoy your Diwali to the fullest but also will help you in the long run.

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5. Eat sweets with your meals

Try not to eat the sweets as a stand-alone item. Always eat them along with your meals.

This one is yet another trick that will help you establish good control over your blood sugar levels.<//p>

6. Small meals will make your Diwali enjoyable

Instead of three meals, switch over to six small meals a day. This habit will also help improve your digestion making you more fit and healthy.

small meals

7. 30-minute walk

No matter how much you ignore, but the fact is that exercising helps to keep in check your weight and improves your insulin sensitivity. A 30-minute walk every day will do wonders for your health. If this looks like a big ask, then you may very well divide the time into three, that is, go for three walking sessions of 10 minutes each, per day.


Following these easy and helpful tips will make your Diwali more pleasurable than you ever expected!

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