The world is getting busier and lifestyles are becoming more and more hectic day by day. The demand for food supplements is also on the rise to maintain the fitness level. Among other essential nutrients, calcium deficiency is one big issue with many people. There are plenty of ways you can have calcium from natural or over-the-counter supplements, however, eggshells are one inexpensive and handy way to have your supply of calcium.



Why we need Calcium

Primarily, calcium mineral is essential for the bones and teeth. This is required to maintain muscle contraction, metabolism, enzyme activity, body cell formation, and the nervous system. Calcium along with vitamin D is functionally effective against cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. If we do not have sufficient calcium, the body takes calcium from bones and teeth, thus weakening them.

Eggshells calcium and its usage for different groups

Calcium from other sources or eggshells is the basic need of the body.  Use eggshell calcium for various body needs of nutrients in all ages.

Vital for women:

Significantly, calcium is essential for pregnant women and those who nurse their kids. A woman needs it for the child’s development inside her womb, besides to refurbish her body during and after childbirth. Initially, the mother is the source of nutrients for her child from its inception to the breastfeeding phase.

Excellent source for strengthening bones:

Eggshells are recommended because it costs you nothing and carries an abundant amount of calcium and other nutrients. The studies have found eggshells to have 27 essential micronutrients including calcium carbonate. This mineral is similar to what the bones and teeth have as its main content. This helps in enhancing bone density, besides stimulating in cartilage formation, thus it’s a boon for arthritis patients.

For senior people:

The aging bodies of the aging people need calcium essentially to avoid osteoporosis.

How to prepare eggshells as a calcium supplement

The best source of calcium from eggshells is through organic eggs and their thicker shells. The thicker eggshells relate to more calcium and other nutrients. To use eggshell calcium, follow this procedure.

  1. Wash eggs well before boiling them, this will ensure that bacteria and pathogens residing on eggs are terminated. You need to dry them after boiling. You can use an oven also to completely dry them.
  2. Once dry, ground them well to make powder, thereafter store the powder in a cool and dry bottle.

You need to take extra care for hygiene while processing. There could be certain risks of contamination that you should avoid by washing, boiling, and drying them thoroughly. If you are not confident that you can do it or want to avoid taking chances, buy from a reputed manufacturer.

How to use eggshells calcium in everyday routine?

That is important; once you have the powdered eggshell, you can-

  • Simply sprinkle the powdered eggshell on your pizza
  • Add in the pasta
  • Mix with juice and drink right away
  • Add in smoothies for an extra dose of nutrients
  • Include in coffee

These uses will add the nutritional value of the foods without altering the taste. However, only one tablespoon of eggshell calcium is sufficient per week to fulfill the calcium requirements.