Travelling can become the most memorable and exciting experience if health issues stay away. It is important to stay fit and in good health to enjoy the journey. Moreover, it is not at all difficult to stay in good health while traveling. Just take care of following travel health tips to have stress free travel throughout.

Tips and Precautions for Stress-free Travel

1. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water and liquids to avoid dehydration. Remember the water is purified and filtered. While traveling abroad, ascertain the quality of water. In case, the water is not safe, prefer bottled water to give infections a miss. Avoid using tap water and ice cubes as they may carry harmful germs.

2. Proper and sound sleep help in keeping the body energetic and fit. Therefore, avoid sacrificing the sleeping time for anything else.


3. A wholesome diet is another major factor. Choose healthy meals and avoid spicy or fast foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables, which can be peeled, are the safest bet. Steamed foods are also safe. Also, go for foods that do not require human hands in preparation.

4. Many infections and illness are the results of adulterated/ contaminated foods and drinks. Therefore, stay alert and consume wisely. This is one of the very important travel health tips.

5. Always carry the necessary medical supplies including prescribed medication, painkillers, antiseptic cream, sunscreen, and first aid kit while traveling. In case, of group traveling, verify the medical arrangements made by the travel coordinator. If certain health issues are persisting, then deal with them before leaving for travel.

More Tips for Traveling 

6. In the case of pregnancy, consult the doctor and understand the precautions that need to be taken.

7. Enquire about the vaccination and other preventive measures, if any, required before leaving for the destination country.

8. Carry a photocopy of the insurance cover to care of any emergencies. Ensure that the insurance policy covers any existing medical ailment and covers any future activities like river rafting, mountaineering, and skiing, and so on.

9. While traveling by air, all the above-mentioned travel health tips are equally valuable. Besides, there are certainly other concerns such as jet lag. Stretching the muscles and walking while in flight can help in keeping the problem in control.

10. It is advisable to avoid alcohol and overeating before and during the flight. In case of pain in the ears, chewing gum can help. For babies, using pacifiers and/or sucking bottles can relieve the pain in the ears.

11. One of the travel health tips is for the people with special needs and serious ailments, prior information to the airline is required so that necessary arrangements are made in advance.

12. While using water transport, get to know about the safety regulations to avoid mishaps.

13. Wear loose fitted cotton clothes on long-distance journeys and in hot climate countries.

14. Apply sunscreen liberally in order to avoid suntan and sunburn in hot climates.

15. Wash hands before and after eating food. Use hand sanitizer for extra caution.

The travel health tips mentioned above will help you to enjoy stress-free and memorable travel.