Superfood Amla or Indian Gooseberry with its amazing nutrients offers immense health benefits. Largely amla is excellent health support for eyes, hair, appetite, metabolism, and immune system. In addition, amla controls diabetes, regulates blood pressure, boosts the sluggish digestive system, and offers health support to your heart. Here are 10 amazing health benefits of Amla.

Nutritional value: Amla or Indian Gooseberry is low in calories and saturated fats, high in dietary fiber, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin A4, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C. It’s a ‘powerhouse’ superfood with plenty of Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Carotene, Omega fatty acids 3 and 6, Protein, Chromium, Carbohydrates, Good Cholesterol, and Sodium.

Check the 10 amazing health benefits of Amla(Indian Gooseberry):

1. Amla makes healthier Appetite

Amla or gooseberry powder before a meal boosts your appetite. This remedy works best for those who have issues with weaker appetites and poor eating. There are seniors and kids mostly who lose their appetite often, they should eat amla powder before meals regularly.

Health benefits of amla

2. Healthy eyes

Thanks to Amla’s abundant content that includes plenty of carotenes, it helps in offering the tonic to weakening eyes. The combination of vitamin A and carotene always help eye cells and prevents degeneration. Take amla regularly to avoid eye problems like cataract, night-blindness, and near-sightedness.

3. Works as anti-acid

Amla with its ample fiber and anti-inflammatory properties helps to relieve acidity. Its intake supports intestine walls thus controlling the acidity.

4. Amla boosts mineral absorption

Amla is a rich source of vitamin C, which also helps in boosting the iron, phosphorous, and calcium absorption from foods. Calcium absorption is an important reaction for the body. Amla is great for a healthier body.

5. (Indian Gooseberry) Detoxifies

Known to have many healthy properties including being diuretic, Amla helps remove different toxins and annoying elements through urine.

6. Controls Diabetes and supports heart

Chromium in Amla is a big help to diabetic patients. Known to activate beta cells that generate insulin. This helps in decreasing sugar spikes.  Chromium curbs plaque and bad cholesterol formation in the arteries.


7. Anti-aging

With its amazing content, amla controls and slows down the aging process. The anti-oxidants in Amla gets free radicals off from the body, curbing wrinkles and skin aging signs. It also helps improve hair and eyes.

8. Amla hydrates body

Amla has plenty of water content with diuretic properties. It helps in detoxifying toxins from the body, retains water, and keeps the body hydrated. Eat raw fruit or consume it as juice to maintain the good water level in your body.

9. Amla for hair

It is a boon to your healthy flowing and thick hair. Amla oil and dried Amla mixed with hair color strengthens hair roots, controls hair loss, stabilizes hair color, and assures lush hair growth.

10. Body-Metabolism

Amla supports body metabolism that helps the food to convert into energy. Amla has the potential to keep all the body parts healthy and cellular generation normal.

Take Amla raw, in powdered form, juices, dried form, pickles, or as candies. Add-on amla in soups, jams, and curries, either way, Amla is a must-have ingredient of your diet.