There are times when you get angry with something and lose your temper. Getting angry is very normal however, losing your temper quite often or hitting the ceiling on trivial matters can become a real deal for you. Before anything goes out of your hand, here are 24 effective tips to manage anger and stay calm.

Manage anger

1. Sweat your anger out

Whether you had a bad day at the office or fought with your spouse over dinner, the best thing you can do with this uncontrollable anger is to just sweat it out. There are physical exercises that would relax your muscles and cool your temper down and burn those extra calories too.

2. Have some fresh air

You might have been feeling low and pissed lately because you’re tired of going to the same place and meeting the same place every darn day, it’s time for a long alone walk maybe, what say?

3. Keep mum

You say what you say in the heat of the moment. Some harsh words that you probably would not have said if you were in the right frame of mind, therefore, keeping yourself quiet when you’re hot under your collar can surely save you from regretting things later on.

4. Count to 10

The logic behind is that the time it takes for you to count to 10 or in case you’re super angry, 100, your heart rates slowly come down to normal and you feel less agitated.  Tried and tested way to manage anger!

5. Swimming

If you’re a swimmer, kudos, you are on your way to getting calmer already. Swimming helps cooling down your temper because the water in every way is a soother.

6. Make peace with yourself

One thing that needs to be handled wisely is the self-guilt that comes and sits on your shoulder as baggage. Things happen; we all do crazy things when pissed off. You need to forgive yourself first in order to get back to normal.

7. Vent it out

Anger shouldn’t be kept inside or hidden. The more you try concealing it, the more it screams out. Although, you must vent it out, do it wisely. Writing a journal, poem or just a random piece would do for you.

8. The relaxation chant

“It’s all fine. It happens.” reminding this or any other mantra, a couple of times to yourself, would be helpful.

9. Analyze the pattern

Understand the pattern. Pay attention as to what makes you angry and ticks you off quite often. Once you’ve cracked this pattern, you’ll know how to handle your anger.

10. Divert your mind

Instead of you cribbing over something or talking trash about things, it is better to divert your mind to manage anger like watch a fun video or play with toddlers instead.

11. Play with pets

Experts suggest that spending time with your pets helps in relieving stress and anger. These cute fluffy creatures fill your heart with pleasure and joy.

12. Drink chilled water

When you’re stuck with some project or your boss is getting onto your nerves, drink a glass of chilled water; breathe for a few seconds, and there you go.

13. Change your schedule

Inculcate something refreshing in your usual routine. This doesn’t need to be something extra. Just sit on the terrace for half an hour before bed and you’re at ease.

14. Music

Music is your savior no matter what. Music helps the body to relax and calm down. It gives you the pleasure that kicks anger out of your mind. Listen to music when angry.

Music Therapy

15. Search for your solace

There must be something that you really enjoyed doing before you started working extensively. It could be playing, dancing, writing, cooking, or anything. It will give you comfort in harsh times.

16. Let things go

Holding onto things hurt, more than letting them go. Try and forgive those who’ve hurt you. This tendency of yours will shower the mental peace that you crave for.

17. Know when to stop

Standing your grounds and fighting for what you feel is right is great. However, there is no use of preaching to deaf ears, right? Know when to stop and make your way out of the place immediately.

18. Take responsibility for your responses

Instead of blaming and shouting on your kid for the mess just before you leave for a meeting, think about what can be done at this moment. Take responsibility to manage the situation and yourself. Your reaction to the action only matters. Remember, losing temper is a choice you make.

19. Call your Friends

Your best friends can get you out of your anger issues and this is not a joke. Having a casual conversation with an old friend will give you comfort.

20. Realize your mistakes

We, humans, are prone to committing mistakes. But, realizing and rectifying the wrongs makes us better. You know it was your fault and you got to apologize for what you’ve done, just for the sake of your mental peace.

21. Feel for them

Bad coffee at your favorite café or a small mistake of your colleague pisses you off. Instead of shouting at them, try to understand their situation. Put yourself into their shoes and feel for them. You’ll know they didn’t do it intentionally.

22. Rise above the petty fights

Fights are usual amongst people working or living together. Often these fights are too lame and the bone of contention almost every time happens to be something very trivial or unimportant. Consider your mental peace and your existence is far above these petty fights, so rise above and move on.

23. Meditate

One thing that never goes out of fashion – meditation. Meditating for a good half an hour will make you feel less stressed and rejuvenated throughout the day.

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24. Deal practically

Things that took a toll on you were not right. Anything wrong happened to you needs to be corrected but the decisions made in the fit of rage are not the wisest ones. Deal with the situation wisely. Let it all cool down, understand the long-term implications, and act diligently.

Final Thought

At times, situations go out of hand and the only thing you can do is get mad. But this isn’t productive. Managing your anger towards the right path is important. Start practicing these 24 effective tips to manage anger and stay calm.

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