Everyday Kitchen Items That are Unhealthy

Your health depends on what you eat. You should always avoid the consumption of foods, which are unhealthy or prepared from unhealthy ingredients. The fresh food seems healthy, but what about the kitchen and the quality of the ingredients. You should know about everyday kitchen items that are unhealthy.

The knowledge about these items will help you in cooking healthy meals every time in the kitchen. So, let’s find what those items are:

1. Cookware:

There would be several utensils in your kitchen. You may presume that all the cookware are neat and clean, but are they actually clean? Many bugs and insects like roaches move around the kitchen cabinets and through the cookware. They carry germs, which slosh the cookware. You should always clean the cookware before cooking the meal to avoid health issues.


2. Fridge:

Some people do not worry about their fridge because they think it is the cleanest appliance in their kitchen. Actually, it is one of the everyday kitchen items that are unhealthy and contains all the raw vegetables and fruits coming straight from the market. Therefore, you should clean the fridge within a few days or on a regular basis so that the fridge may not become a safe house for all the germs that come with the raw vegetables.


3. Juicer grinder:

Those, who daily use the juicer grinder, know that the juicer jar can be unhealthy. In addition, various germs can contaminate the main appliance itself. A few drops of the juice and other blends can splatter over the grinder. Those splatters can produce germs, if not cleaned immediately.

Juicer grinder

4. Honey:

Most of the users do not know that natural honey contains toxic elements, known as pyrrolizidine alkaloids. If you are using honey, which has not gone through the pasteurization process, it can be very harmful to your health. You can feel dizziness, vomiting, weakness, and headaches after consuming unpasteurized honey. So use only pasteurized honey.


5. Potatoes:

It is also less known fact that potatoes can cause a considerable damage to the user’s health if eaten at the wrong time. Potato’s sprouts stem, and leaves contain glycoalkaloids, which is a poisonous substance. You should never cook potatoes, which are left in too bright or moist conditions for a long time. It would be better if you get fresh potatoes to cook your meal.


6. Dishwasher:

It is probably the unhealthiest and dirtiest item in the kitchen. Many people are using the dishwasher nowadays because they do not want to waste their time doing dishes. People often place the dirty cookware and other utensils without removing the leftover food. That food contaminates the dishwasher and reduces its cleanliness efficiency. So, always clean the dishwasher before doing dishes to make sure you will get clean and germ-free cookware to cook the meal.


7. Nonstick Cookware:

Every user thinks non-stick cookware is great to cook healthy meals, but it is a myth. The non-stick cookware can cause some serious damage to your health. The researchers have found that the regular use of such cookware can cause cancer associated with PFOA. In addition, PFOA is also not good for the health of pregnant women. So, you should avoid the use of non-stick cookware as much as possible.

Nonstick cookware

8. Artificial sweeteners:

Nowadays there is a trend to use artificial sweeteners. You may also have it in your kitchen and may be using it on a daily basis, but do you know artificial sweeteners had failed to get FDA’s approval for more than 20 years. The users have reported health issues like a migraine, insomnia, nausea, change in vision, memory loss, etc. after using artificial sweeteners. You can also experience the same health issues if you do not stop consuming artificial sweeteners.