WHO (World Health Organization) has given astonishing figures of Anemia patients, which are approx. 25% of the world population. This deficiency transpires when the body’s red blood cells (RBC) count is less than the norms. Generally, RBC in Men should be 13 grams per deciliter and 12 grams per deciliter for women. RBC has iron-based hemoglobin protein and iron’s deficiency means a poor supply of oxygen to all body components. That condition can be hazardous. Here are natural remedies for iron deficiency to keep your body iron-sufficient and healthy.

Symptoms of iron deficiency

Some of the main symptoms are lethargy, feeling of faintness, tiredness and short breath. Other symptoms are the pale face, headaches, irregular heartbeats, sore mouth and ringing in the ear.

Causes of Iron deficiency

  • Unhealthy food selection
  • Menstrual excessive bleeding- 1 out of 10 women suffer from excessive bleeding during menses.
  • During pregnancy- Less supply in food can be a cause, as a child inside takes iron supply from the mother only
  • Gut bleeding- because of ulcer in the digestive system, bleeding can occur after ulcer bursts.
  • Piles
  • Bowel cancer and other bowel disorders of a rare kind.

Natural remedies for iron deficiency

The food carries the responsibility for the anemia patients, as this is the way to add up an iron.


Beetroot has a high content of iron, besides other nutrients. For best results blend beetroot with half portion of sweet potato and 3-4 carrots in a juicer and drink one glass a day.



Spinach’s leaves are a big source of iron, besides vitamins and other nutrients. You can have spinach in the form of vegetarian dishes, salad, soup, spinach juice with honey, etc. For soup make spinach’s puree, cook in olive oil some garlic cloves and onion till brown, then cook for 10 minutes on low heat. Drink twice a day like comic character Popeye.



Pomegranate is rich in iron and vitamin- C it helps absorb iron. This supports the enhancement of hemoglobin and oxygen supply in the body. You can eat it on empty stomach; its dried seeds can be taken along with hot milk twice a day. You can make juice also and season it with honey, cinnamon powder and take it at breakfast time.

pomegranate seeds

Sesame seeds

Black sesame seeds can give a sufficient supply of iron. Soak 2tbsp. of sesame seeds in water for a few hours, then make its paste and mix it with the honey and have it twice a day. This mixture can be taken mixed in milk too.



Dates have a rich supply of iron and vitamin that helps in its faster absorption and immediate effect. Soak 2 dates overnight in the milk and eat it first thing in the morning with that milk. Dry dates with milk also deliver results.


Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap Molasses is the huge source of iron, a tablespoon a day can refurbish deficient iron supply in the body. One tbsp. molasses with the milk or hot water in breakfast or Molasses with apple cider vinegar in water gives a great supply of iron, especially for pregnant women it is very good.


Banana is a proven iron supplier along with other nutrients. Athletes take it as an added diet when they feel low after workouts. Honey and banana combination is very good to eat at breakfast time.



Doctors suggest apple as treatment of anemia, as it is iron-rich fruit. Green apple with skin has more iron contents. You can make juice with Honey and beetroot juice and can have it every day.



Add fenugreek in your food regularly as it supplies a good dose of iron.

Fenugreek Seeds

Dried black currants

A fair combination of iron and vitamin for faster absorption helps the growth of RBC. Soak overnight in water 10- 12 currants and eat in the morning.

Add more vegetables, exposure to sunlight and exercise every day for healthier life, in addition to above natural remedies for iron deficiency.