The lifestyle that everyone follows today, in general, has made hair related problems a commonplace phenomenon. Everyone is facing one or the other hair problem such as thinning of hair, scalp related problems, and many other problems. However, do you know about the hair care benefits of castor oil? Filled with some very important minerals and nutrients, castor oil is so beneficial for hair that the extra effort which this sticky oil requires is definitely worth it. Some of its benefits for hair are:


Massage with castor oil

With multiple reasons such as pollution, lifestyle, and others, hair-loss has become one of the most common hair related problems. However, if you massage some castor oil and on your scalp regularly, this hair loss can be easily stopped. After massaging the root and scalp, you just need to leave the oil for a couple of hours and then you can wash it off. The nutrients in the oil improve the flow of blood, thus combating hair loss.


Castor oil for better blood flow

For the people willing to have some hair growth, castor oil is indispensable. With regular use of this oil, the reach of blood to your hair follicles increases, which leads to good hair growth. Castor oil also provides your hair with the fatty acid that is needed for good and strong hair growth, omega-6. For hair growth, you should apply this oil and leave it on your head overnight, so that it penetrates deeply. Later, you can wash it in the morning.

Castor oil for scalp infection

The infection in the scalp is a root cause of many problems such as itchy scalp and bald patches. These problems become an inhibiting factor for hair growth. Therefore, for people who love their hair, treating scalp infection is indispensable. The micro-organisms and also the pathogens which cause this infection can be treated by castor oil because of its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties. Regular application of oil would rid

Use carrier oil with castor oil

Unhealthy hair is marked or recognized by simple problems like hair breakage or split ends. With nutrients such as amino acids, fatty acids, and Vitamin E, castor oil has been found to be very effective for treating breakage and split ends. The oil goes deep in your hair and positively affects your hair cuticles which have become rough by smoothening them. If you are finding it difficult to use this oil because of its stickiness, you can mix other oils such as olive oil to make the complete task easy for you.

Use castor oil as a conditioner

The main hair care benefits of castor oil are that it has the natural omega-9 fatty acid which is very important for keeping your hair moisturized by locking the moisture in your hair. Therefore, castor oil also acts as a very good conditioner for your hair. Take a little amount of castor oil and mix this with your conditioner. When you are done with shampoo and rinsing your hair, simply apply this conditioner mixture evenly. After ten minutes and wash off with plain water.

Give your locks a new life with castor oil and become showstopper right away!