Raw mangoes are not only loaded with flavors but packed with carbohydrates, minerals, proteins, vitamins, fats, and plenty of water. Raw mango preparations like aam ras and Aam Panna are bliss to ward off the scorching heat of the sun. Alongside the taste factor, the nutritional facts and raw mango benefits will simply amaze you.

Include Raw Mango Benefits in your diet!


Nutritional Facts About Raw Mango


 Do you know that a small 100 gms slice of raw mango gives you 60 Kcal of energy? According to a study, raw mangoes provide you with as much Vitamin C as you get by eating 35 apples, nine lemons, 18 bananas, and three oranges. Raw mangoes are loaded with iron, magnesium, and calcium.

Raw mangoes contain high amounts of niacin which regulates cholesterol levels in the body. Niacin also supports blood circulation and keeps your heart in good shape. You should preferably eat green mangoes raw to harness all their health benefits.

Although pickles, chutneys, sauces, fresh juice of raw mangoes, and jams taste equally delicious. Here are some amazing raw mango benefits that you should know.

Raw Mango Benefits 

Eating raw mangoes can boost your immunity, reduce hypertension, and keep you on top of your health. Regular consumption of raw mangoes safeguards our body against infections and viral attacks. Experts suggest that raw mangoes consumed after lunch can help revive afternoon drowsiness by providing an instant energy boost.  Here are some of the raw mango benefits you never knew before:



  • Raw Mangoes Fight Acidity and Prevent Constipation

 Our current lifestyle and hectic schedules expose us to all sorts of spicy junk foods. Unhealthy eating habits over time often cause acidity. Raw mangoes can provide quick relief from acidity, acid reflux, and chest burns. Chew a small slice of raw mango to combat acidity and restore healthy digestion without using medicated pills.

Further, if you find it challenging to empty your bowels every morning, chew a slice of raw mango seasoned with some salt and honey. Regular use of this remedy will provide you long-term relief from constipation.


  • Prevent Water Loss with the Goodness of Raw Mangoes

 One concern that we often face during scorching summers is the excessive loss of water from our bodies. But, you can combat the situation by eating raw mangoes. Add a pinch of salt for added flavor. Eating salted raw mangoes reduces water loss and quenches body thirst. Raw mangoes replenish the reserves of iron and sodium chloride, fix electrolyte imbalance, and prevent dehydration.

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  • Cure Digestive Issues and Tummy Troubles


In summers, your body craves more and more water. However, excess consumption of water may upset your stomach. You can treat chronic stomach issues and gastrointestinal disorders like diarrhea, indigestion, bloating, chronic dyspepsia, piles, and dysentery with raw mangoes. They assist in the easy digestion of foods, relieve constipation, and cleanse our intestines.


  • Raw Mangoes Treat Blood Disorders

 Raw mangoes promote the formation of newer blood cells by enhancing the elasticity of blood vessels as these are rich in Vitamin C. Regular use of raw mangoes helps prevent bleeding tendencies and makes the body more resistant to diseases like TB and cholera.

Studies suggest that raw mangoes can help manage common blood disorders, including but not limited to hemophilia, anemia, and blood clots.

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  • Improve Hormonal Health

 Vitamin A and Vitamin E in raw mangoes enhance and support our hormonal system. Further, raw mangoes contain Vitamin B complex and pectin which are essential for good health.

  • Promote Weight Loss

 Consuming raw mangoes can help you reduce extra pounds and cut back on calories. The fruit has lower sugar content and keeps the tummy full for long. Further, raw mangoes boost metabolism and help you burn more calories.


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  • Prevent Scurvy and Cure Bleeding Gums

 Long-term deficiency of Vitamin C causes the formation of ascorbic acid. The condition further leads to scurvy, ulceration, anemia, bleeding gums, fatigue, and edema (swelling). Raw mangoes provide the necessary dose of Vitamin C and reduce the likelihood of such diseases.

Further, regular consumption of raw mangoes promotes dental hygiene. Eating raw mangoes prevents gum bleeding, fights tooth decay, and stops bad breath. Therefore, chew these daily to have strong and shiny teeth.

  • Reduce Morning Sickness in Pregnant Women


Reduce morning sickness with raw mangoes

Reduce morning sickness with raw mangoes

Raw mangoes have been used for ages as an herbal remedy to reduce morning sickness during pregnancy. Sprinkle some salt on the slice of raw mango to eliminate and control nausea.

  • Raw Mangoes Help Enhance Vision

 Raw mangoes contain an ample amount of Vitamin A and flavonoids. Compounds like alpha-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin, and beta-carotene helps in enhancing and maintaining good vision. Raw mangoes also contain antioxidants named zeaxanthin which help enhance vision. It prevents macular degeneration and protects against the harmful effects of UV rays.

  •   Supports Liver Health

 You can naturally treat liver ailments with raw mangoes. Chewing a slice of raw mango increases the secretion of bile juices and cleanses the intestines. Get rid of bacterial infections and enjoy a healthy liver with raw mangoes.


FAQs on Raw Mango

Q) How can raw mangoes help in combating the heat during summer?

Ans) Regular consumption of raw mangoes can help resolve prickly heat and prevent sunstroke. Eating raw mangoes and drinking freshly prepared raw mango juice can reduce sweating and perspiration which, in turn, prevents the loss of body salts.

Raw mango juice replenishes the iron and sodium chloride lost due to excessive sweating during summer. Get instant relief from the summer heat with a slice of boiled raw mango mixed with sugar, cumin powder, and a pinch of salt.


Q) Can diabetic people eat raw mango?

Ans) People suffering from diabetes are often advised to keep their distance from sugary foods. However, even diabetic people can consume raw mango because of its low sugar content.

Diabetic people can unleash the various raw mango benefits by combining this healthy fruit with rice or yogurt to cut back on sugar levels.


Q) Are there any side effects of eating raw mangoes?

Ans) Anything consumed in excess may harm your health. Eating raw mangoes in excessive amounts may cause indigestion, abdominal colic pain, dysentery, and throat irritation. However, it is safe to consume the fruit in optimal amounts to unleash all the healthy raw mango benefits.