Watermelon Seeds and its immense Health Benefits

Watermelon seeds

The seeds of watermelon were always thrown off after eating the juicy red part of the watermelon, without realizing its great benefits to the body. However, the seeds are rich in nutrients such as fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, magnesium, zinc, potassium, copper, and selenium that are essential for health. These seeds can be eaten in any form by roasting or sprouting. Now check out more about watermelon seeds and its immense health benefits.

Watermelon Seeds and its immense Health Benefits

Watermelon seeds

Low in Calories

Watermelon seeds have very low calories but high on micronutrients. An ounce has approx. 400 seeds and 158 calories. This has far fewer calories compared to the same quantity of potato chips. The watermelon seeds are filling and yet low on unwanted calories. These are excellent for the people who want to keep their body weight under control.

Treat Diabetes

The nutrients required to cure diabetes type 2 are all present in the watermelon seeds. As the studies have found, the tea made with these seeds and its powder helps control diabetes. Magnesium regulates carbohydrate metabolism that helps blood sugar level directly to remain under prescribed limits.

Check cardiovascular health

Watermelon seeds are found to be excellent for the heart as it boosts the metabolism that keeps blood pressure under check. Arginine compound present in it helps heart and hypertension to function properly. Omega-6 fatty acid in it helps the circulation to function as desired.

Strengthen the immune system

Watermelon seeds are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B in watermelon seeds help in metabolism, strengthen the immune system. So, there is less attack of different diseases. Magnesium in these seeds shields allergic reaction that is vital for our immune system.

Improve digestive tract

The watermelon seeds possess nutritional value and help to improve the digestive tract. They help to digest foods easily. The enzymes and magnesium in watermelon seeds help the body to absorb nutrients. The seeds contain zinc that also promotes digestive power.

Enhance male fertility

People suffering from reproductive system issues can benefit from watermelon seeds. The seeds contain Arginine Amino Acids that help to boost sexual power and sperm production. These seeds are a good source of manganese that improves the reproductive system.

Improve brain health

Watermelon seeds are a rich source of magnesium that helps to improve memory. It also combats the memory-lapse related to aging. Studies show that magnesium can accelerate learning.

Keeps the Nervous System in order

The vitamin B complex, vitamin V6, niacin, folate, thiamine, pantothenic acid, etc. present in it has been seen to impact the nervous system in a positive way. Niacin not only maintains the nervous system but also sustains stomach health.

Benefits of Watermelon for the Skin

Now, you are aware of watermelon seeds and its immense health benefits. However, don’t be surprised if these super seeds support your skin health and hair too. Read further-

Work for Glowing Skin

Fatty acids, Oleic acid, and linoleum acid in the seeds benefit the skin by giving it a glow and healthy color. The unsaturated fatty acids keep skin moist, glowing, and smooth. The acne, blemishes, wrinkles, and other spots of the skin also perish when its oil is applied on the affected part. The antioxidants present in the seeds are the bliss for the skin.

Watermelon seeds for the hair

Watermelon seeds have a certain amount of protein that facilitates the hair with good health. The seed is also rich in iron that strengthens hair and promotes hair growth. It prevents the hair from being dry and dull. The minerals present in the seeds such as magnesium and copper are very beneficial.  The copper produces melanin, a pigment that maintains the color of hair. Amino acids prevent brittleness of hair.

Fight against aging

Studies show that magnesium in the seeds slows down cellular aging. Zinc also plays a significant role in cell division, protein synthesis, and cellular repair. These activities also slow down aging.

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Faqs on watermelon seeds

How to roast the watermelon seeds?

Spread the seeds on a baking sheet. Then put the seeds in the oven at 325°F for about 15 minutes. They become brown and crispy. Serve them with a bit of olive oil and sea salt to enhance the taste.

Does excess watermelon seed consumption cause any side effects?

Yes. The seeds are enriched in potassium and lycopene. The intake of more than 30 mg of these ingredients daily causes nausea, indigestion and bloating.

How to prepare sprouted watermelon seeds?

First, soak these seeds in water overnight and wait some days when they are fully sprouted. Then, dry them in the oven or under the sun. Now, have them as a healthy snack.

Are watermelon seeds suitable to treat jaundice?

Yes. Make a paste of 2 spoons of fresh watermelon seeds and consume only one spoon at a time with a glass of water. You can consume this thrice a day.


10 Best Health Benefits of Eating Watermelon Seeds