Nature has blessed humans with a variety of natural food options, which is not only limited to fruit, vegetables, and meat but also seeds. You can easily munch on seeds or just garnish your daily meal with them for that extra crunch or flavor. Healthiest super seeds contain vital minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins, which provide deep nourishment to your body. Therefore, here are some of the healthiest super seeds you need to add to your diet.

1. Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds

These seeds are home to some of the healthiest amino acids and fatty acids, which help to improve digestion. Moreover, hemp seeds are also rich in vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, etc. Hemp seeds are rich in protein, aid in weight loss, and promote muscle growth. Eating 1 ounce of hemp seeds at a time will give your body the following nutrients:

  • 3 grams carbohydrates
  • 405 milligrams phosphorus
  • 4 milligrams vitamin E
  • 2 grams of protein
  • 8 milligrams manganese
  • 300 milligrams magnesium
  • 9 milligrams iron
  • 161 calories
  • 3 grams of fat
  • 2 grams of dietary fiber
  • 5 milligrams zinc

Hemp seeds are loaded with antioxidants support skin health and aid in fighting some chronic diseases like eczema.

2. Poppy seeds

These tiny little seeds give your body a big dose of fiber, calcium, and manganese. Regular consumption of poppy seeds will help you improve digestion, bone strength, eyesight and regulate blood pressure. Every 1 ounce of poppy seeds will give you:

  • 403 milligrams calcium
  • 5 grams of protein
  • 2.2 milligrams zinc
  • 7.9 grams carbohydrates
  • 11.6 grams fat
  • 2.7 milligrams iron
  • 244 milligrams phosphorus
  • 97.2 milligrams magnesium
  • 5.5 grams of dietary fiber
  • 1.9 milligrams manganese
  • 47 calories

Moreover, poppy seeds help to improve fertility in women and supports in fighting diseases like thyroid, insomnia, thyroid, kidney stones, etc.

3. Flax seeds


They contain rich dietary fibers and micronutrients and some vital minerals and vitamins. Eating flax seeds regularly can improve your brain health, digestion, and cholesterol level. They also aid weight loss and controlling blood sugar. Every 7grms of flax seeds will approximately give you:

  • Protein:3 grams
  • Calcium:2%
  • Omega-3 fatty acids:1,597 mg
  • Fiber:9 grams
  • Total fat:3 grams
  • Iron:2%
  • Carbs:2 grams
  • Folate:2%
  • Magnesium: 7% ‘
  • Phosphorus:4%
  • Potassium:2%
  • calories:37
  • Vitamin B1:8%
  • Vitamin B6: 2%

Flax seeds can reduce the risk of fatal diseases like cancer and help in improving heart health.

4. Chia seeds

Chia seeds

These seeds are home to various important nutrients like protein, fiber, and omega 3 fatty acids. Chia seeds are also a rich source of iron, antioxidants, and calcium. They help to regulate blood pressure, develop bone health, and improve heart health, etc. One ounce of chia seeds will nourish you with:

  • 12.3 grams carbohydrates
  • 4.4 grams of protein
  • 177 milligrams calcium
  • 265 milligrams phosphorus
  • 137 calories
  • 8.6 grams of fat

In addition, chia seeds help to reduce weight and reduce chronic inflammation.

5. Pumpkin seeds


They are some of the most commonly consumed seeds! Pumpkin seeds are loaded with healthy fats and protein and some vital nutrients. They are a good source of antioxidants and iron. Pumpkin seeds help to improve bladder and prostate health, digestion, and maintain normal sugar levels. One ounce of dried pumpkin seeds will approximately give you:

  • 6.9 grams of protein
  • 2.1 milligrams zinc
  • 1.1 grams of dietary fiber
  • 329 milligrams phosphorus
  • 150 milligrams magnesium
  • 4.2 milligrams iron
  • 51 calories
  • 5 grams carbohydrates
  • 12.8 grams fat

In addition, pumpkin seeds aid in increasing sperm count in men and reduce the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer.

6. Sunflower seeds

Sunflower Seeds

You can easily include sunflower seeds in your diet. They are rich in some of the most important vitamins like vitamin E and vitamin B complex. Sunflower seeds provide essential nutrition to your body and boost your immune system. One ounce of sunflower seeds gives you:

  • 164 calories
  • 5.6 grams carbohydrates
  • 5.8 grams of protein
  • 14.4 grams fat
  • 2.4 grams of dietary fiber
  • 9.3 milligrams vitamin E

Moreover, it also contains copper, manganese, and other nutrients in small quantities. These seeds help to maintain a healthy cholesterol level and reduce inflammation in the body.

7. Sesame seeds


These seeds have several necessary vitamins, nutrients, and anti-oxidants. Regular consumption of sesame seeds can strengthen bones, enhance the formation of new blood cells, control blood sugar, etc. Eating one ounce of dried sesame seeds will provide your body with:

  • 160 calories
  • 6.6 grams carbohydrates
  • 5 grams of protein
  • 13.9 grams fat
  • 3.3 grams of dietary fiber

Also contain calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, etc., in small proportion, these healthiest super seeds guard you against various heart diseases, improves digestion, and reduces inflammation in your body.

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