Health Tips for Heart Patients During Diwali

Precaution is always better than cure. If Diwali comes with happiness and indulgence, it also brings along a lot many problems for heart patients. Here are some simple tips that will maximize your Diwali enjoyment without having to suffer.

Tips for Heart Patients During Diwali

Health Tips for Heart Patients During Diwali: –

1. Do not forget your medicines

You might get swayed away in the festive mood and might end up missing one or two of your important medicines. Avoid doing this. Set alarms in your cell phones that will keep reminding you of your medicine time. Taking chances should be the last thing on your mind!


2. Get enough sleep during Diwali

Your mind and bodywork are a lot more than routine during Diwali. Make sure you give them enough rest to function well. Sleep on time, do not compromise on your sleeping hours. If possible, take a quick nap during the daytime too.

sufficient sleep

3. A sound free Diwali?

This sounds like an impossible task, but you can at least request your neighbors to light fireworks that are sound-free. Some of them might understand and oblige, some of them may not. But the chances are that the intensity of the noise will be less. And during peak time, you can always stay indoors or wear earplugs.

sound free Diwali

4. Keep a check on your calorie intake

Do not indulge. Don’t eat more than what your body needs, no matter how tempting the food looks. Also, you should always be careful about what you are eating.

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5. Yoga and meditation for heart patient during Diwali

The sound and air pollution can cause a lot of discomfort to heart patients. But, if you practice yoga and meditation you can help yourself a lot. With regular practice, you tend to have control over your thoughts and breathing, and you don’t panic very easily.

Yoga and meditation

6. Music Therapy for heart patient during Diwali

If you do feel irritated by the noise of the fireworks, you should close all the doors and windows and play some soft relaxing music. This immediately transforms your mood, and you’ll start feeling more peaceful.

Music Therapy

7. Make sure you are never alone during  Diwali

People with heart problems should always have a company. It is okay to ask at least one of your friends or family members to be around you in case you need sudden help.

If you experience any of the symptoms like palpitation, sudden chest pain or pressure, dizziness, blackout, weakness in limbs, short breathing and severe headache you should immediately rush to the nearest hospital.