Liver Functions and Causes of Disease


The liver is one of the most vital organs in the human body. It serves as a control center of most of the body activities. It sits on the upper side of the abdomen on the right. The synthesis of proteins, iron, and simple sugars metabolism cannot take place without the liver. The liver also produces bile whose major components are water, bile acids, and other chemicals. The major function of the bile juice is to help the food digestion process. The liver also plays a major role in the purification of blood and the production of iron that is essential in blood formation.

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 Liver disease is defined as any disorder that can alter the normal functioning of the liver. A variety of disorders can severely affect the normal functioning of the liver. Liver disease, liver disease remedies are such a broad subject.


Main causes of liver disease

There are so many types of liver diseases each with its particular cause. The conditions may include:

1. Obstruction of the flow of bile (cholestasis)

2. Inflammation of the cells (hepatitis)

3. Accumulation of cholesterol triglyceride

4. Lack of night sleep (sleeping more in the morning, less at night)

5. High consumption of food in one sitting

6. Consuming fried foods when tired

7. Consuming too many artificial preservatives and sweeteners

8. The flow of blood to and from the liver may be affected or some of the tissue cells of the liver may just be dead.

9. Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause liver diseases. This is the major cause of liver today. Alcohol contains toxins that are capable of causing the inflammation of the liver.

10. Some drugs may cause liver disease. This may happen if you take the drugs in overdose. Some drugs may, however, be dangerous to the liver even when taking as prescribed. Drugs given over-the-counter are the most notorious. Acetaminophen is a component in most of the drugs, and if taken in excess can result in liver failure. Alcoholics are usually discouraged from taking drugs that contain this substance. Some medications like Statin, Antibiotics, and Niacin may cause liver problems even when taken in their right dosage.

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11. High fat formation in the liver cells can also lead to the dysfunction of the liver. Obesity can lead to this among many other causes. This condition is however reversible.

12. Autoimmune diseases that attack liver cells and cause inflammation

13. Some Liver diseases can be hereditary. Iron accumulation in the liver and other body organs like the heart and the pancreas.

14. Viral infections can cause liver inflammation. Hepatitis A hepatitis C and hepatitis B are lethal to the liver. They are capable of causing liver cancer and cirrhosis. Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B have the vaccine but Hepatitis C has no vaccine. Continue for symptoms of liver diseases and natural remedies.

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