Closely observe the area between your chin and shoulders. Do you find a discolored or tanned skin of the neck? Or do you feel the neckline has more wrinkles than on face? Well, if the answer is yes of any of the above questions then you need to be informed about how to take good care of your neck. Not to worry, here follows a complete guide on neck care with comprehensive information and tips.

neck skin Care

To start with we focus on tanned or discolored skin of the neck. The skin of the neck should be equally taken care of like the skin of the face. And it is rather easy. Just peruse these tips and you will come to know the ways to make your neck beautiful and clean.

The beauty process should not stop at the chin. While cleansing and toning the face, follow the same procedure for the neck. Cleanse it and apply toner so that dirt does not accumulate on the skin of the neck.

Neck also requires nourishment. Apply moisturizer and massage and the skin will feel hydrated.

Always apply a good sunscreen on your face as well as on the neck before going out. You can also wear a wide-brimmed hat which will protect the neck from harmful sun rays.

Once in a week, exfoliate the skin of the neck in order to get rid of dead cells. The neck will appear brighter.

While applying a face pack or mask, extend it to the neck also. This will help in matching the skin color of the neck with that of the face.

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To reduce tanning, apply yogurt on the neck area and leave it for 15-20 minutes and then wash. Regular use will reduce the tanning.

Another home remedy is to apply lemon juice on the neck for a few minutes and rinse when it dries. It will clear away all the impurities and make the skin clean and clear.

The excessive use of scents on the neck can also make the skin patchy. So be careful.

Another way is to cover the neck area with hick’s neck wears. That way the skin will not get tanned.

The above tips are surely going to make your neck appear attractive and light-colored.

Solution for wrinkled neck

Most women focus on their face and neck area is neglected. The result is the beauty of the face is tarnished by ugly looking wrinkles on the neck. Now before those wrinkles reveal your true age, bring out some necessary changes in your lifestyle so those ugly lines do not damage your beauty.

Besides, implementing the above tips on neck care, follow these instructions to get an improved lifestyle and better-looking neck as well.

1. Neck exercises are vital to make the neck look slender and wrinkle-free. Stretch your neck and body from time to time in order to avoid stiffness. Do these at any time of the day daily.

2. Keep your posture straight while walking, sitting, and lying. Do not lean forward while working on the computer as it will put undue stress on the neck.

3. Use lower pillows while sleeping if at all you need them. And change sides to avoid stress or pain on the neck.

4. Avoid smoking.

5. Take a healthy diet and plenty of water to attain healthy-looking skin.

6. Do not stay too long in water as it will damage the skin.

7. Massage with olive oil or any skin oil is a very good way to Control wrinkles. Bring that in your beauty regime and see the difference.

Now you will have an attractive face and a fair looking neck too!!