The use of cosmetics products has been increased multifold during the last one and a half-decade. Women and men use beauty and personal care products to enhance their looks, appearance, and health care. The sale of beauty products is not limited to doctors, dermatologist clinics but ranges from medical shops, beauty salons, spas, shopping networks, and internet sites. Most of these products are made up of various combinations of synthetically produced chemicals. However, just as the number of beauty products has increased so as the number and number of side effects.

Beauty products

Chemical-based cosmetics are dangerous

Most of chemical-based cosmetics are really dangerous. They might be very good looking for your skin but they damage the layer of the skin. Some of the chemicals used in products may cause many unwanted side effects, including allergic reactions, skin sensitivity, hyperpigmentation, nail discoloration, fungal infections in the nail, hair fall, and even skin cancer. These adverse reactions depend on the kind of products used, the way it was used, and the type of skin of an individual. Let us say a moisturizer being used by a person with oily skin, pimple-like rashes (Acneiform eruption) bound to occur due to already oily skin if it is applied too frequently and moisturizer contains lanolin or petrolatum.

Some products like bleaching, make-up, hair dye, and other skin and hair care products alter your skin or hair color, maybe intoxicating, or may contain such chemicals that may change your skin’s chemical balance and damage your skin cells. These effects may fail the purpose of beautifying your skin or hair to which you are these products. Allergic reactions to synthetic chemicals may cause inflammation, patches, rapid aging, and increase the risk of infections. Some of the products may contain ingredients like coal-tar, mercury, lead, and magnesium they may very serious complications on your skin and health, like birth defects, reproductive impairment, low count in sperms, pregnancy complications, and even cancer.

Precautions and remedial actions to avoid the negative effects of beauty products:

1. Always do the patch test before using any new product.

2. Check the ingredients of products before use to see that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients present in your beauty product.

3. Avoid frequent changing of products.

4. Always use such products that are suitable for your skin type. If you have sensitive skin then first tests the product behind your ear or on forearm for ruling out any irritant potential.


5. Avoid the use of oily preparation on oily and pimple-prone skin.

6. Always check the quality assurance marks of products and date of expiry before use.

7. Confirm the quality of products, methods of use, and how the product works.

8. Understand your type of skin, general health condition before experimenting with any new beauty product.

9. Avoid deodorant sprays; instead, use sticks.

10. Spray perfumes on clothes so that it may not come in contact with your skin.

11. Those who are allergic to permanent hair dye should use pure henna for hair dyeing.

12. Always remember that products that suit your friends and sibling may not suit you.

13. People who are sensitive to chemical sunscreen should use physical sunscreen or physical covering with protective clothing.

14. Some people may be allergic to household products like milk products, lime juice, hair oil. Kumkum and sandalwood paste etc. They should avoid products that contain any of these ingredients.

Natural Skincare Guide-Homemade Recipes

Cleansing lotions, moisturizers, sunscreens, toners and scrubs, and face masks contain a large number of chemicals and even detergents. They slowly strip off the natural nutrients and oil of the skin. Homemade recipes for beauty products are safer for your skin. It is possible to prepare your own recipes of cleansers, toner, moisturizers, exfoliators/scrubs, face masks, and sunscreen as per the requirement of types of your skin. Moreover, these homemade recipes are cheaper in comparison to the price you pay for buying expensive bottles and treatments from the market. “Natural Skincare Guide-Homemade Recipes” can guide you to prepare these recipes as per the type of your skin.

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To prepare your own skincare recipes for all types of skin and save your skin from the negatives effects of chemical-based beauty products.

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