Physical, Psychological and Social Effects of Drinking Alcohol


Alcohol is like a two-edged sword. It can take you to a carefree and relaxed state of mind in a matter of minutes – away from the mundane realities and stress of daily life. It can be a great social interaction booster by helping you drop your mask of inhibitions and hesitations. But at the same time, if consumed in a disproportionate way, it can cause your rational mind to go berserk and cause immense physical, mental, and social trouble. Let’s explore some of the most striking effects of drinking alcohol that can disrupt your normal functioning and turn your life topsy-turvy.


Effects of alcohol drinking on the body

Alcohol can cause immense upheaval at the level of your body and can cause your health to deteriorate over a period of time. The following are a few alarming consequences of heavy alcohol drinking on the body.

a) Cirrhosis of the liver which may lead to a complete break-down of liver functioning.

b) Damage to the kidneys leading to chronic kidney disease leading to kidney failure.

c) Various forms of cancers including that of the liver and esophagus.

d) Irregular heartbeats and coronary artery disease that can lead to a fatal heart attack.

e) Blood clots caused by alcohol drinking can lead to brain damage and stroke.

f) Make the immune system weak, leaving the body vulnerable to diseases and infections.


Psychological consequences of alcohol drinking

Excessive alcohol consumption is notoriously bad for your brain and nervous system. Drinking alcohol regularly for a prolonged period of time can cause many psychological problems as well.

1. It alters brain chemistry and causes the imbalance that affects thinking feelings and behavior.

2. It affects memory and causes frequent black-outs, disrupting personal, social, and work life.

3. Irritability, loss of concentration, and false fantasies about self, others, and the world.

4. Increased anxiety and stress instead of reducing it, as is commonly believed.

5. Being a depressant, it lowers serotonin levels in the brain leading a person to depression and increases suicidal tendencies.

Undesirable social repercussions of alcohol abuse

No wonder an alcoholic is looked upon as a troublemaker in society. As mentioned before, it imbalances your brain chemicals and disrupts logic and common sense. This can lead to dire social and ethical problems.

i) The close family of an alcohol abuser suffers the most burns from the situation. Frequent quarrels, beating, and poverty is a common scenario in an alcoholic’s house.

ii) It can make a person insensitive to other’s feelings and pain and behave in a disrespectful and even violent manner towards them.

iii) Poor organizational and management skills and a higher rate of absenteeism at the workplace can reduce productivity and adversely affect professional life and relationships.

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It is important to understand the damaging effects of drinking alcohol in time and take positive steps towards freeing one from the clutches of this awful addiction. This is precisely what Alcohol-Free Forever™ will do for you. It will help you restore your lost balance, save your relationships, and be a healthier, more productive, and happier member of the society.

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