There are moments when you are skeptical about the future of your relationship. You wish to tie the nuptial knots and settle down, but you stand in a state of confusion. Of course, you need to wait for a fair amount of time but not eternally. Look for those positive signals that she wants to settle down with you. If those signals are not visible, don’t linger on any longer because it’s the time to move on.

What are clear signals that she wants to settle down too?

Being with you is her comfort zone!

She Spends More Time at Your Place Than at Hers

If your partner chooses to stay more at your place than hers, then it’s an indication that she loves to be nearer to you and ultimately wants to stay at your place only. If she develops more interest in your things and buys some to make your house look better, then catch the signal that she wants to be your life partner.

More Respect

When a woman is all set to get into your life plan, she will try to accommodate you in every possible way. She will respect your viewpoint, opinion, and decisions. Moreover, she will appreciate and care for your unique needs and desires. She will consult with you more often in trivial and vital matters. Her plans would depend on your plans. She would love to coordinate, so you can adjust according to your time.

Closer to Family and Friends

Signals that she wants to settle down with you- she loves your friends!

When a woman decides to jump in your bandwagon, she would get to adjust with the people in your life. She would like to relate to things you savvy. She would love to talk to your parents and looks forward to meeting them ardently. You can take those powerful signals when she chats or becomes keen to gift them something special on exclusive occasions.

Note the Change in Her Spending Style

You would often wonder about her extravagant habits, changing now to be more discreet and prudent. It also could mean she made her mind to tie knots with you. Although, this indication could also because of something she would be planning to buy. However, combined with other signals, this could be related to her savings for marriage.

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The Fights Becoming Lighter Frays

Lovers do love each other and fight more often also, even on small pretexts. You can notice in her some changes like the more responsible looks and lesser events of fights in the relationship. This means she is considering your proposal and studying you in your new ‘Avatar’ of husband.

When She Misses You

When your woman starts loving and missing you more which you could notice in her calling you more often at office and asking about your day, office colleagues, and work it means she is getting into a deeper side of the water. These are clear signals of your relationship soon culminating in marriage.

She will become more protective for you and love you more which will be visible in her actions that point towards a long term relationship. Catch the right signals for the right moves.